Pandya Store 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Dhara gets angry when family praises Raavi’s cooking


Pandya Store 22nd September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara getting worriedvabout her face glow. Raavi assures her that her face looks fine. Family sits to have meal. Suman says that Kanta son started to have affair with another woman after his wife got pregnant. Suman asks Rishta why she seems dull and asks to sit with Dev. Dhara asks Suman if Kanta thinks all the fault is at his son. Suman says that it starts when wife gets pregnant. Dhara gets affected hearing this and recalls Kanta’s daughter-in-law’s words. Gautam asks Shiva to divert the topic.

Dhara says all the husband aren’t like this. Suman says that her husband wasn’t like this, but some husbands do affair breaking their wifes trust. Gautam tries to divert the topic saying the sabsi is nice and asks for more. Dhara says that it’s brinjal sabzi, they don’t like it. Gautam and Shiva look at each other. Shiva praises Dhara that she made delicious sabsi. Suman agrees with him. Dhara says that Raavi made it and they didn’t like it when she made the same sabsi. She starts crying. Suman says that Dhara doesn’t even let her to have food in peace.

Anita calls out Krish. She comes to Krish. She talks to him and tries to see what he bought. Krish drops the medicines. Anita acts as helping him and notices the face cream. Shiva asks Dhara why she’s getting angry. Dhara hugs Raavi and says that she’s not angry with her or her sabsi. She leaves from there crying. Suman says everyone to have food as Raavi made delicious sabsi. Krish comes there and gives Dhara’s medicine to Gautam and says that he didn’t tell to anyone about this. Gautam says to Suman that he bought Dhara’s medicines. Krish says that Gautam also bought face cream for Dhara. Raavi asks Krish to have food. Suman teases Gautam. Shiva looks at Raavi and thinks that Raavi has Dhara’s qualities and wonders why he’s getting more attracted to her.

Dhara is angry that they didn’t eat brinjal sabsi when she made it, but they ate when Raavi made it. Gautam comes to the room. Dhara argues with Gautam over the same. Gautam tries to calm her down and apologizes to her. Dhara hugs Gautam and asks why she gets angry over small things. Gautam’s phone rings. Dhara gets angry again. Gautam tries to convince her and says that he bought face cream for her. Dhara says that her skin isn’t nice, so he bought cream for her and argues with him over it. Gautam keeps getting call, so he excuses himself and leaves. Dhara checks the cream and finds the box is empty.

Rishita looks at her certificates and recalls telling to Dev that she wants to become independent in her life and Dev assuring her that his family will support her. Rishita cries saying that Dev has changed, he didn’t keep his words. Rishita gets a call for job, but she refuses it saying that she doesn’t want work now. Rishita says that she’s missing all opportunities for Dev, but he will never understand her sacrifices.

Suman is prasing Raavi’s cooking, but she says that Dhara used to give sweet after meal. Raavi brings sweet for Suman saying Dhara told her about this. Raavi says that she can handle the house very well till Dhara’s delivery. Suman says that if she means that this house doesn’t need Dhara and calls out Dhara. But Raavi shuts her mouth by feeding kheer. Raavi says that Dhara is having mood swings and they can’t mess with her now. She says Dhara is the best. Suman says that Raavi wants to take Dhara’s place in the house. Suman further says that Dhara did the same when she had come 10 years before. She took control of the house and her sons, but she couldn’t do anything as she was bed ridden. But Dhara handled them very well. Dhara is also helpless now like her and she can’t do anything. Raavi will get all praise. Dhara hears this and looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anita brings the face cream for Dhara saying that Krish can’t find it in market, so she bought it. Dhara gets angry.

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