Pandya Store 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Gautam’s lie gets exposed in front of Suman


Pandya Store 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam telling Dhara that this is the hospital where the baby’s mother got admitted and she ran away. He asks what doctor tells Suman the truth. Dhara gets worried and she covers her face with her duppata. She says it’s for mannat when Suman asks. Gautam tries hard to not let Suman meet the doctor. But the latter spot Gautam and asks to pay the 30,000 hospital fees.

Just then Rishita arrives with Dev and asks for a gas problem they charge 30,000. Doctor says that it’s for treating the baby’s mother. She further says that Gautam ran away taking back the money he paid when he learned that the baby’s mother ran away. Suman gets shocked hearing this and asks Gautam where the 30,000 is. Gautam looks down down.

Pandyas return home. Suman scolds Gautam for lying to her. She reveals that he sought his help to keep Dhara and baby away which shocks Dhara. Shiva gets worried what will happen if his lie will get caught.  Gautam says that he gave the baby to Dhara with one condition that she has to return the baby to his biological mother without any drama when he will find her. Suman asks why he lied to her.

Rishita says that Gautam lied to her for Dhara’s sake. Suman gets disappointed that Gautam lied to her for Dhara’s sake. Gautam says that he only hid the truth. He goes to get the money. Dhara says to Suman that Gautam did this for her. Suman says to not interfere between mother and son. Gautam returns the money to Suman. The latter asks him to give 5,000 as intrest to hurt her. Shiva and Raavi suggests giving Gautam any punishment instead of money. Suman stays firm in her decision and demands Gautam 5,000 for hurting her.

 Dhara admits that Gautam hurt Suman and requests to not punish the baby and separate him from her. Suman says that she won’t punish the baby and moreover they don’t have any other option than keep the baby. Suman says that she won’t easily forgive Dhara easily as Gautam lied to her because of her. Suman says that no one will cook food til they finish all the sweets that Shiva bought. She asks Raavi ti make only 2 rotis for her.

Dhara gets angry with Gautam. She takes the baby and goes to her room and locks in. Gautam requests her to open the door. As she doesn’t open, he leaves for the store. Shiva and Raavi are tensed what will happen if Suman catches their lie. Shiva wants to tell Suman the truth. Raavi says to tell her the next day as she’s already angry because of Gautam’s lie.

Rishita says that he only wants a normal delivery and urges Dev to promise the same. Other hand Gautam takes Dhara to the terrace to convince her. Dhara says that Gautam conspired with Suman behind her back and deceived her. Gautam says that he will die if anything happens to Dhara. He did this for Dhara’s health sake and neither Suman nor Dhara is understanding this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Two girls ask Suman about the baby in their house. Suman asks how they know this. The girl tells about Raavi uploading videos on the social media and shows the video. Suman asks Shiva if he knows what Raavi is doing. She says that Raavi uploaded video of everything in the social media and made fun of their family.

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