Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Rishita decides to leave the house


Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shweta seeing Rishita coming towards the kitchen. Shweta thinks of talking about Shiva and Raavi’s Goa trip so that Rishita learns this and gets furious. Meanwhile Raavi is writing names on the clothes she bought to gift the Pandyas.She writes Arnab’s name too. She hides it under the blanket when Shiva enters the room. Shiva notices this and wonders what she is hiding. Shiva leaves. There Shweta sees Rishita and intentionally shows the gold ring that she bought for Chiku. She then tells about Gautam and Dhara planning to save money by celebrating Diwali simply to send Shiva and Raavi to Goa to clear their differences.

Rishita gets furious hearing this and starts to argue with Dhara over using Chutki’s Diwali celebration money to send Shiva and Raavi to Goa. Raavi hears Rishita’s shouts and goes to check. Rishita reminds Dhara that even Chutki has rich grandparents, but she’s not accepting their gifts because of Dev. Rishita angrily walks away. Dhara goes after Rishita to convince her. Rishita says that Raavi and Shiva will fight after going to Goa too.

Raavi hears this and asks Rishita why she’s dragging her in their fight. Rishita taunts Raavi. She says to to Dhara she won’t tolerate unfair treatment towards Chutki and decides to leave the house. Dhara scolds Shweta for talking about Shiva and Raavi’s Goa trip in front of Rishita. Shweta acts innocent and apologizes to Dhara. The latter acts Shweta to keep her mouth shut and says that her act will destroy the family. Shweta smirks and thinks that’s what she wants.

Rishita comes to the hall with her suitcase to leave the house. Dhara tries to change Rishita’s decision. Suman, Gautam and Dev arrive there. Suman asks Rishita where she’s going. Rishita says that she and Chutki are going to Chutki’s grandparents’ house so that no one keeps Chutki remembering that her first Diwali can’t he special as they’re middle class. Shweta wonders where Shiva is. Meanwhile Shiva sees that Raavi bought same color shirt for him and Arnab and one is costlier than another one. He wonders which one she bought for him. He puts them back in their places and walks out of the room.

Shiva comes to the hall and sees Rishita arguing with Dhara. Rishita accuses the Pandyas of being unfair towards Chutki and demands to get a jewellery for Chutki immediately. Gautam says that Shweta bought a jewellery for Chiku with his grandparents money. Rishita asks when they don’t accept any gifts from her parents why they don’t apply this rule to Shweta’s parents.

Raavi and Shiva try to convince Rishita that they will get a jewellery for Chutki later. But Rishita is adamant that she wants it now. Raavi reacts angrily to Rishita. She then says to Dhara that she doesn’t want to go to Goa as she doesn’t have time for that. She already took lot of leaves and can’t take more leaves. Raavi says to Rishita that she should be happy to hear this. Raavi says that she can learn something by sitting in the office with Arnab instead of wasting her time by going Goa. She asks whoever planned this to use that money to get a jewellery for Chutki.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas receive Shiva and Raavi’s Goa tickets. Dhara says that they bought these tickets with Chiku’s money. Chiku’s grandfather says that they should spend Chiku’s money for Chiku only

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