Pandya Store 4th June 2022 Written Update: Gautam gives a befitting reply to Janardan


Pandya Store 4th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam asking Dev what he is doing on his laptop. Dev says that he will do small works like filling online form, making leagal documents to earn some money to renovate their shop. Shiva says that this is right in this way his studies will be useful for him and he will he useful for them. Krish comes to the shop. He says about his test in college and asks 50 Rs.

Gautam sees that there’s only 50 Rs in the drawer. He gives it to him saying to do his test well. Gautam sees that the name board is about to fall on Krish. He saves Krish from getting hurt. Gautam and Krish get hurt. Dev and Shiva aid them. Gautam says that they have to renovate the store soon. Dev says that they don’t have money. Krish says that he would have got hurt if he hadn’t come to ask 50 Rs. Gautam assures that nothing will happen to them until he is there.

Raavi comes to Prafulla and asks how her parents died which stuns Prafulla. The latter wonders why Raavi asks this question. As Prafulla doesn’t answer, Raavi begins to leave, but Prafulla stops her. She complaints that Raavi didn’t talk to her properly when she came to see her the morning.

She considers Raavi as her daughter, but Raavi doesn’t consider her as her mother. Raavi enquires again about her parents and says that nothing good happened ever since she returned to that house marrying Shiva. Prafulla apologizes to Raavi in her mind saying that she doesn’t have any other way to bring her back to her.

Prafulla puts up an emotional act and says that she was scared that Suman also doesn’t fave what happened with her after Raavi’s arrival to her house. Raavi demands to know what happened before she arrived here and after. Dhara makes some arrangements so that Rishita feels less heat. At the store Shiva pulls Dev’s leg and the brother’s laugh.

Prafulla says that after Raavi’s parents dead in the accident, Raavi cames to her house. After her arrival, they had to sell the four mills, their relation with Suman got bad. She says that she never considered her as misfortune or blamed her for that. Raavi says that her parents left her. Prafulla says that Raavi was unwell and her parents were worried about her and they met with accident while taking her to the hospital urgently.

Dhara and Rishita discuss about earning to renovate their shop. Dhara says that they have to find a way to earn money fast. At the store a customer asks for a 1 kg seed. Gautam says that they doesn’t have 1 kg but has only one pao. The customer agrees to buy that quantity.

The customer advises Dev to not leave his house again, the shop can be renovate, but not the brother’s relation. He leaves. Gautam says that he was right, they together made this shop and says that they will do it again.

Dev comes back home and says to Dhara that they sold all the stocks of the store and got only four thousand. He gets worried for the remaining money. Dhara assures Dev and says that she got money from bank by breaking their FT of fifty of thousand. Dev says that money was for any emergency. Dhara says that they need money now. A man comes to repair the AC. Dev says that he is his friend’s brother, if they call the mechanic, they have to pay.

Janardan comes to Gautam and taunts him about closing his shop soon. Janardan man comes to him and says that the stock in Dev and Rishita’s store got spoiled as the store was closed all these days.

Gautam gives Janardan a befitting reply for his taunts. He says that his shop ran well due to his house Lakshmi, but she returned to his house. He takes his leave. Prafulla says to Raavi that her mother was in shock after her dad’s death and she also died after six months.

Raavi cries on hearing remembering Suman’s words. Raavi leaves there. Prafulla shouts that she doesn’t consider Raavi as misfortune. Prafulla hopes that Raavi will return to her and says that she did all this for that only.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva confronts Prafulla and threatens her for calling Raavi misfortune.

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