Pandya Store 5th February 2023 Written Update: Dhara tries to convince Rishita and Raavi to stay for Krish and Prerna’s engagement


Pandya Store 5th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prerna trying to convince Krish to fulfill Suman’s wish. Meanwhile, Suman says that Prerna will convince Krish, but it will hard to convince Rishita and Raavi. She asks Dhara to use Shesh, Mithu and Shiva to convince Rishita and Raavi as they both are of Dhara’s strategy. In the shop, Gautam asks Dev why he left him, what his mistake is.

Here, Krish gets convinced. Prerna asks Krish not to say anything to her parents for now. She says that she will handle everything with Dhara. Krish is surprised that Prerna has become close to Dhara in the short period. Krish says that Prerna is so sweet so he fell for her. Prerna and Krish express their love for each other. Prerna kisses Krish’s forehead. They share a hug.

Suman says to Dhara to give the good news of Krish and Prerna’s engagement when she’s going to thank God. Just then, they see Shesh coming out of his room. He calls out Chiku and Mithu. They arrive. The trio go to play. In the shop, Gautam is about to fall. Dev holds him. Gautam says to Dev that his brothers are his strength and his weak without them. Dev scolds Gautam for drinking alcohol and states that his drinking habit make people take advantage of him and defame the shop. He reminds him that he taught him the importance of the business. Gautam reminds Dev that he also taught him to keep the family united. Dev becomes speechless and walks away. A customer arrives. Gautam wears the gloves with his brother’s name. The customer says that he can understand that he is missing his boys.

Rishita gets angry when she receives the boarding school’s principles call and the latter says that their admission for Shesh’s boarding school has been cancelled as they missed the haven’t fulfilled all formalities before the last day and refuss to refund the advance money. Elsewhere, Shweta takes an unwell Natasha to the hospital. Here, Dhara goes to Rishita and says to her that the next day they have planned Krish and Prerna’s engagement. She’s shocked to find Rishita packing her bag. Shr tries to stop her, but Rishita reacts angrily. Rishita is adamant to leave as Suman got well. Dhara pleads with Rishita to stay till Prerna and Krish’s engagement take place. She asks to agree for Suman’s sake. Rishita doesn’t answer anything. Dhara then goes to Raavi. She finds her packing her bag too. She says to Raavi about Prerna and Krish’s engagement and requests her to stay for Suman’s sake. Raavi agrees to stay one more day.

Dhara goes to Suman. Dhara says that both Raavi and Rishita are preparing to leave. She convinced Raavi to stay for Krish and Prerna’s engagement, but she doesn’t know whether Rishita will stay. Suman assures Dhara that they find a way to stop Rishita. The kids are playing cricket outside. The lawyer arrives there. He sees the kids playing. He pulls Mithu’s cheek. The latter asks him to leave his cheek as it’s paining. The lawyer doesn’t leave his cheek. Shesh and Chiku heat him. The lawyer gives the divorce papers to the kids asking them to give it to Krish as they’re important papers. Elsewhere, Shweta rushes Natasha to the hospital. Here, Kids think of not giving the papers to Krish and making rocket with them.

Dhara and Suman are elated when Prerna phones Dhara and says that she convinced Krish. Dhara thanks Prerna. Prerna says that Suman is also her mother. Dhara asks Prerna to come home that night. Prerna refuses to leave Krish alone in the hotel the night and says that she will come the next morning. Suman expresses her joy to Dhara and warbs her not to create any trouble. Suman misses Chutki and wishes that she could also be with them during Krish and Prerna’s engagement. Dhara asks Suman to keep faith on God. In the hospital, the doctor says to Shweta that Natasha needs to get operated soon and her operation cost will be 25 lakh which shocks Shweta. Here, Dhara finds the kids making rocket with some papers. She undoes a rocket to check if it’s an important paper. Shesh argues with Dhara for spoiling his rocket. Chiku warns Shesh not to talk like this to his mom. Shesh and Chiku fight. Dhara stops them and says that they’re brothers, so they shouldn’t fight and stay together. Shesh asks Dhara then why their fathers who are brothers stay together. Dhara becomes speechless. Suman watches this. Shesh asks Mithu to come to play. Mithu says to Dhara bye aunty. Dhara asks him to call her as Badi mom. Mithu says later. He leaves with Shesh and Chiku. Suman asks Dhara to do something to stop Rishita and Raavi from leaving after Krish and Prerna’s engagement. Dhara says that her mind is blank now, but she assures Suman to do something.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara promises Suman that in Krish and Prerna’s engagement she will so something to stop Rishita and Raavi from leaving the house. But she keeps an condition to Suman for that. She asks Suman to accept Chiku as her grandson like Shesh and Mithu if Pandyas stay. Chiku overheras this hiding.

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