Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Dhara to catch Deven in Shweta’s room?


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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for drama with Deven trying to rob money.

In the current story, it’s seen that while the Pandyas are dancing, Shweta pretends to feel dizzy and sits next to Suman. She manages to take the locker key from Suman without her knowledge. She hands it to Deven.

The latter sneaks into Suman’s room and steals the money from the locker. Shweta is scared of Deven not deleting her video even after getting the money. So she attacks Deven and destroys his phone. Meanwhile, Rishita starts to grow suspicious about not finding Shweta and Deven at the party.

She goes to find them. Here Deven pushes Shweta and gets ready to leave, taking the money back. Shweta sees Rishita coming towards that room.

Shweta notifies the same to Deven and prevents him from leaving so that he gets caught for theft. Deven hits Shweta on her head and escapes through the window.

Rishita is shocked to find an injured Shweta lying unconscious. She alerts the family. The family is shocked to learn about the robbery.

Shweta lies, a bearded man robbed the money. However, Rishita doubts that Shweta is behind the robbery as she’s the only person except the family that knows about the locker.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Deven will sneak into Shweta’s room. Shweta will be shocked to see him there and will ask what he is doing here. As they will be conversing, Dhara will arrive there taking some jewel boxes so that Shweta chooses the one she likes. Deven will hide under the bed.

Shweta will ask Dhara to choose for her and will try to send her back. A bangle will fall on the ground and Dhara will bend down to pick it up.

Will Dhara see Deven? Will Shweta and Deven’s truth come out in front of the Pandyas?

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