Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Natasha to get into argument with the company organiser


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In the previous episode, Isha noticed Natasha in the beauty pageant and tries to hide herself. She feels hurt knowing how she was asked to leave the house when she wanted to do this earlier. Isha also tells Natasha that Yash is supporting her but Suman doesn’t want her to be part of the competition.

Dhawal opens his shirt and gets on the stage modelling. She smiles impressedly seeing Dhawal. Dhawal holds her hand and takes her to stage. He dances with her and calls himself a local boy.

Sesh brings food for Suman and gives to Meethu. Natasha and Isha come back home and tease Sesh. Suman gets happy seeing Natasha. The latter feeds her and asks Suman about what she has been saying about revenge.

Suman tells her she is sure Chiku has married Isha to take his revenge from Amrish. Natasha says Amrish is pretending to be feminist now and says all the incidents that has been happening.

In the upcoming episode, Natasha will tell Hetal that everything is sorted. She will bring some girls and Shashank to beauty pageant and states that she wants to wear the swim suit designed by them.

The organiser will get angry and will ask Natasha to quit. Dhawal looks on.

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