Parineeti 17th March 2022 Written Update: Pari denies marrying Rakesh without Simar


Parineeti 17th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari and Rakesh doing marriage with each other when Vikrant says to them Rakesh is inside this house somewhere air and I am sure that the reason why we are not able to find out about Simar has to do something with Rakesh. Pari asks Rakesh about Simar but he says nothing as he is not in favour of taking any risks right now. Pari understands that more or less Rakesh is somehow responsible and she says to him that I will now complete the marriage rituals with you only when I will get back my sister. She gets up from headset and goes with her family members to look for Simar.

On the other hand, Rajeev is trying to save himself from Jai and Bittu. He is stuck with the snake and trying to keep it away from him but unfortunately it is coming towards Rajiv and Shera and Jay also follows the same path. Surprisingly they come in front of Rajiv after hearing the sound of dust and dry leaves from that place and say to him that now he cannot escape anywhere. Rakesh and Bittu decide to bring the box inside the room so that they can release Simar because now this situation is so against them that without bringing out Simar out of the box they cannot go ahead with the marriage rituals.

On the other hand, both of them shot Rajiv but somehow he gets saved and runs away from there while the snake is after Shera and Jay now. He understands that he cannot get saved from both of them in this way so he has to find out some alternative and get rid of both of them before going out of the Jungle only then he can reach the marriage venue on time and save Pari from Rakesh. On the other hand, Balvinder got some doubt on Rakesh but then she changed her statement and said that I was just pulling your leg and nothing else. I know that you are my son and you want to fulfill all the marriage rituals with proper rules and customs.

Rajeev gets some stuff inside the jungle from a camp place and decides to use it for his defence so that he can trap both of them. Rajeev skillfully trapped Jay and Shera into a position where they both became his hostages and helpless. He takes charge of their gun as well and says that now your life and death both are in my hands and even if I shoot you right now people will say that I do it in my self defence. The case and love will be in my favour. Rakesh with the help of Bittu brings out Simar from the box and he is trying to make her gain consciousness so that he can agree to play along with him just like he did with Pari. Seema slowly opens her eyes and gets shocked to see Rakesh is standing in front of her.

Precap – Rakesh tries to threatened Simar but she runs away and tells the family everything.

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