Parineetii 10th August 2022 Written Update: Rajeev spends quality time with Neeti


Parineetii 10th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev says to Neeti she is not trusting him. Doesn’t she trust her husband? She asks him doesn’t he has shame to confess he married to someone else. Neeti asks Rajeev Is that girl know who she is to him? He tells her she knew it but it’s not a matter here. Neeti asks him how could he marry her? She should be angry on him but he is behaving strange to her.

Rajeev asks her Is she jealous on that girl? She asks him doesn’t he has shame to betray her? He asks her what did he done? He didn’t marry anyone just kidding her She asks him who is that girl? He tells her that she is his boss. She gave one important work to him in office but he deny it. But she saw him enjoying it party that’s why he was apologize to her. Neeti asks him Is he saying the truth? He nods to her and puts sit up to her. He tells her that her friend Parineet is stressed about her life that’s why she is confusing her.

Neeti thinks that he is right. She asks him Isn’t he saying the truth no one in his life other then her? He assures her that no one can able to separate them. Meanwhile Parineet returns to home. She thinks that she is often misunderstanding Rajeev he was helping his friend but she thought something else. She thinks why didn’t he called her yet and finds out her phone switched off. Meanwhile Neeti says to Rajeev that she trusted him over Parineet today so don’t betray her anymore. He assures her. Neeti about to tell him she was confused when did Parineet said like that. She thinks if he hear Parineet name he will misunderstand her again.

Rajeev says to her that he can understand her Parineet is her childhood best friend. But she doesn’t know anything about him so don’t believe her if she confuse her about him. She nods to him. He asks her to give a kiss to him. She reminds him about the Trophy. He gets nervous thinking about Parineet. He about to leave from there but Neeti asks him to stay in home. He tells her mom will create a issue in home she is very strict.

Neeti pleads with him to stay with her today. He tries to manage the situation but she is adamant. Rajeev thinks what will he answer to Parineet and mom? Meanwhile Amith and Chandrika are getting into argument. He lashes out at her and leaves from there. Parineet asks her Is she arguing with him? She asks her to share with her what’s bothering her? She shares to Parineet that Dhadhi gonna visit here. Parineet tells her it’s a good thing. She tells her she is considering her as an outsider too. Parineet tells her that she shouldn’t come to an conclusion now. Why don’t she impress her with her good attitude. She thank her for talking nice to her. She tells her that she is here to get charger. Chandrika gives it to her and thinks Rajeev is lucky to get a wife like her.

Neeti prepares coffee for Rajeev and talking nice with him but he asks her to prepare it asap. Neeti thinks that he has mood swings. Parineet calls Rajeev. Neeti misunderstands it’s his mom and asks him Is she has two number? He lies to her that she is using two phone. Rajeev lies to Parineet that he has important work today in office. He will be late to home and asks her to sleep. Neeti asks him Why did he explaining this much in phone? Isn’t he saved someone number in his mom name? Rajeev lies to her it’s his sister. He lies to her he has important work to do. If she has any doubt she can call her. Neeti denies it. He asks her to give something special for him. She tells him what about candle light dinner. Meanwhile Parineet doubts Is she done right today by bringing out the truth in front of Neeti? She thinks it’s important to learn about her husband true face. She dials to her but she didn’t attend her call. She convinces herself may she slept. Parineet misses Rajeev.

Neeti poured wine for Rajeev. He demands her to sit beside him in bed. Both drinks together. Neeti tells him that she is so lucky to get him in her life. He is so caring and loving her. Parineet reminds her special day with Rajeev but he is busy spending romantic time with Neeti. Her phone rings but Rajeev didn’t let her attend the phone. He asks her Is this important to her then our love? Neeti tells him may it’s some important call that’s calling her in this time. She attends the call and gets tensed. Rajeev asks her don’t say she got schedule. Neeti tells him that she got work in real. She might go back flight will be in 2 hours. She kiss him and mentions him as baby. He tells her if it continues they won’t give birth to baby. She apologized to him and leaves.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will call Parineet and tell her Sanju Said I love you. Parineet will tell her if he staying alone why would he say I Love You. She will ask her Is he staying with another girl in house? Neeti will ask her how will she find out it she is in airport. Parineet will assure her that she will go and check him. Parineeti will reach to Neeti’s house

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