Parineetii 18th March 2023 Written Update: Neeti argues with Sanju


Parineetii 18th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parminder asking Parineet to sit beside Sanju. Pooja begins there. Sanju takes aarti to Lord Ganesh. Neeti feels jealous when Parineet holds his hand. The priest ties a protection thread to Parineet’s hand. He tells her it will protect her from everything. The priest alerts her that her life is in danger. Parineet is about to ask him about it but he excuses her for receiving the phone call. Parminder asks Simi to take the instrument from the store room. Parineet tells her that she will bring it. She feels dizzy. Sanju holds her on time.

Neeti feels frustrated after seeing the way he holds Parineet. He advises her to be careful. She leaves to take the instrument from the store room. Sanju thinks that she may be jealous of Parineet. Neeti recalls the moment and thinks that she won’t allow her to snatch Sanju from her. Sanju confronts Neeti. He says to her that he is able to understand that she was jealous of Parineet after confirming her pregnancy. Neeti shares her grief with him. She adds that she doesn’t know whom to share her grief with? She spills the beans with him. Sanju doubts that Neeti’s hands behind the fire accident took place in the kitchen. He convinces himself that he shouldn’t think like that.

Neeti says to Bebe that Sanju changed a lot. He isn’t an old Sanju. Bebe manipulates Neeti against Sanju. Parineet takes Neeti from there. Bebe thinks that she will play with their lives today. Meanwhile, Sanju asks Monty. Did he find anything mysterious here? Changing character over the night. Monty asks him, did he talk about Gurinder? She was the one who changed out of the blue. Neeti ignores Sanju.

Parineet doubts that Neeti may argue with Sanju. Parineet inquires Sanju about it. He tells her nothing like that. Parineet thinks that Neeti may be worried about the baby. Sanju shares with Monty that Neeti was jealous of Parineet. He denies it. Sanju shares the fire accident matter with him. Gurinder asks Parineet to start the next ritual. She stops Neeti to sit beside her. She narrates to Chandrika how to do the rituals. Parminder asks Sanju to hold Parineet’s hand.

Parminder says that it’s his responsibility to protect the baby’s mom. Neeti felt hurt to hear it. Bebe stops Parineet from holding his hand. She asks them what they are doing? Parminder says that this is the only ritual left. Let’s celebrate the party after it. Bebe says that they do not respect her. If they are not aware of the rituals, they will be able to ask her at least. She asks them why Parineet is sitting there? Neeti is Sanju’s wife, not Parineet. Monty says that everyone is aware of it. Bebe scolds him. When Simi talks against her.

Bebe says that no one is going to marry her with this attitude of hers. Parineet asks Bebe why she is scolding Simi like that? Bebe lashes out at her. Neeti asks Sanju who his wife is? Neeti or Parineet? Sanju asks her why she is asking him like that? It’s his responsibility to answer her. Bebe asks him if Prineet was his second wife? Gurinder vents out all her anger at Bebe. Parminder says to Bebe that she is aware of the rituals. This ritual is for a mom who is carrying the baby. That is why Chandrika is going to wash Parineet’s feet. Sanju is the father of her baby, so he has to protect the baby. So she could sit beside her. She is able to understand Neeti may feel uncomfortable seeing all this. But it’s a ritual, they can’t change it. Bebe pretends to understands everything. She lies to her that she forgot everything.

Episode end.

Precap; Bebe will say to Neeti that she was aware of all the rituals. She has to do something which makes everyone come to her side. Everyone will dance together at the party. Gurinder will feel suffocating. Parineet holds her on time.

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