Parineetii 21st January 2022 Written Update: Biji humiliates Neeti


Parineetii 21st January 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rajeev taking Pehras with Neeti. Parineet hurts seeing them together. Parminder isn’t happy to see it. Rajeev notices Parineet and feels guilty. Parineet leaves from there. Sukhwinder gets a phone call so she leaves to attend it. Monty notices the burning log. Before he alerts her, Neeti steps on it. Rajeev applies ointment on her wound. Parminder says to his husband that its fate. Parineet intentionally didn’t complete her Pehras for Neeti’s happiness. But god stops Neeti from taking Pehras with Rajeev. Relatives say it’s a bad omen. Neeti hurts to hear it. Rajeev asks her to ignore their words. Neeti tells her they are right. What if something happens to their baby? Rajeev assures her that nothing will happen to her baby.

Biji arrives there along with Gurpreet and inquires them whose baby? Everyone is shocked to find her there. Biji asks him what’s going on? Gurinder thinks that today everything will come to an end. Biji complaints that she isn’t his wife to help her. She insults Neeti there. She adds that Neeti is Parineet’s sister. That is why she didn’t say anything to her. If she isn’t happy with her husband. Divorce her husband and marry someone else instead of going behind him. Rajeev asks her to stop it. She is throwing words at Neeti. She isn’t treating her well. What’s her mistake in it? She thinks that aged people are always right, not youngsters. She always likes Parineet. Because she always spends time with her. Why isn’t she spending time with Neeti? Neither does she give importance to her feelings nor her wishes. He is about to reveal his relationship with Biji but pauses after seeing Parineet.

Parineet asks him how he could talk like that with Biji. Rajeev leaves from there. Neeti apologizes to Biji for everything. Biji glares at her and leaves. Parminder consoles everyone that Sanju will solve the issues with Biji. Later, Neeti worries about the current situation. She feels guilty for creating an unnecessary scene. Gurinder pretends to console her. Neeti takes blame on her. She complained that Rajeev created an unnecessary scene there. Gurinder tells her it’s not a big issue. She will forget about it. Sukhwinder notices Neeti limping there. Neeti tells her that she stepped on a burning log mistakenly. She inquires her where Rajeev is? She tells her that he had gone out of the station. She fears that she will blabber something to Gurpreet. She is already a heart patient. Gurinder thinks that she doesn’t want to create any problems. They are already creating unnecessary issues. She thinks that the whole property will transfer to her name asap.

Meanwhile, family members are happy to see Biji and Rajeev solve their issues with each other. Rajeev notices Parineet standing alone. Parineet scolds him for talking rudely to Biji. He apologizes to her for it. She tells him that she is happy at least Neeti took Pehras with him. Rajeev reveals to her he’s stopped it in the middle. He betrayed her, so god isn’t helping him either. He didn’t allow him to break Neeti’s fasting on Karuvachauth. He couldn’t even complete Pehras with Neeti. Let’s take Pehras along with family members. Parineet tells him that Neeti is demanding her call Vishal. He remembered the way he asked Vishal to help him narrate the situation to him. He refused to help him. Parineet isn’t ready to help Rajeev either. Rajeev thinks that no one is ready to help him. If he burns in this fire, all problems will be over. Later, Monty tricks Babli to take Pehras with him. Meanwhile, Gurpreet shares her happiness with Sukhwinder. She adds that Parineet had a happy life with Rajeev. Sukhwinder tells her that Rajeev isn’t with Parineet to celebrate her first lohri. Gurpreet tells her Rajeev is there. When Sukhwinder sees him, Rajeev is standing beside Neeti.

Episode end

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