Parineetii 27th February 2024 Written Update: Parminder attempts to find the truth


Parineetii 27th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Sanju that she can do anything for him. If he really want to see her getting married to Sherly.
Sanju says that he can do anything and go to any extent, but for Parineet. Neeti is shocked to hear it. Later, Parminder and Parineet meets Sherly’s parents. She gives the prasad to them. Parminder says that Parineet is a gift for them from Mata Rani. Sherly’s mom ask her if Neeti is also like her? Sanju says to Neeti that he loves Parineet a lot. He wish to see Neeti marrying to Sherly and leave from this house. Neeti is shocked to hear it. He says that he is teasing her. He can prank her. Parineet says that Neeti is a good girl. She will do anything for her loved once. Neeti pretends like falls down. Sanju helps her to take her to her room. Sanju says that he will send someone to help her. She stops him. Meanwhile, Sherly’s mom says to Parineet that she feels like Parineet and Neeti are best friends. If they wanted to say anything about her. She can share anything with her. Sherly says that there is nothing to say about her. She is perfect for him. But one thing is weird. Whenever Neeti stares Sanju he feels she has a special bond with him. Parminder gets disappointed to hear it. Meanwhile, Sanju asks her to leave his hand. Neeti says that he isn’t a girl. Sanju excuses her. Sherly calls her. He says to Parineet that it seems her mood isn’t well yet. He asks Neeti if she has any feelings for Sanju? She is glaring him at the engagement . Something is going between them. Neeti disconnects the call. Sherly’s mom says to Parineet that she always wish to find a girl like her for Sherly. Neeti checks her engagement album.

Neeti admires her picture with Sanju and think that they are the best couples. She notices Sanju and Parineet’s photo. She tears it in anger. She throws it down. Meanwhile, Parineet says to her that Neeti is a good person. She is a better partner for Sherly. She will bring happiness in their house. Later, Bebe and Gurinder reached to home. They notices that no one is in home. The servant informs them that Chandrika is arranging everything for the function. Parminder and Parineet went to meet Sherly. Later, Parminder notices the doctor who gave treatment to Neeti. She gets down from the car. Parineet gets suspicious. Parminder greets the doctor. She tells her that she gave the treatment to Neeti. She says that she helped Neeti by giving a fake report to Neeti. She is also her side. The doctor recalls the way Neeti requested the doctor to give a memory loss report to Neeti. She gives a fake story about Parineet in front of the doctor. She says that she is going to give a birth to her baby. She already snatch her husband from her. She can’t allow her child to grow their alone. Neeti convinced her give a fake report to her.

Meanwhile, Sherly meets Sanju. He says to him that he needs his idea to make Neeti happy. Sanju gives an idea to him. Sherly thanked him. Sanju says that he became mad in love. Meanwhile , Neeti checks her dress. She recalls the way Sanju romanced with her in that dress. He praised her beauty. He said to her that she is looking beautiful in that dress. Neeti thinks that he will again fall in love with her when he swe her in this dress. The doctor says that she has to take care of Neeti. Parminder says that Neeti said everything to her. She thanked her for helping her. Parineet comes there. The doctor says that she doesn’t know when will Neeti gain her memory back. The doctor recalls the way Neeti alerted her that Parminder tries to find the truth. Parineet says to Parminder that she cares for Neeti a lot. That is why she is talking about her with the doctor.

Gurinder asks Parminder when will Tao ji come. She tells her that Tao ji and Amith will reach to Sherly’s house straight from the office. Sanju says that he will get ready in 5 minutes. He is talking with someone in phone busy. Neeti comes there to impress him. But he stared at Parinee. Parineet blushes and about to go. He stops her by holding her hands. Gurinder asks him to get ready asap. Sanju takes Parineet to their bedroom. Neeti feels jealous.

Episode end

Neeti fumes with a rage