Parineetii 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Parminder apologizes to Parineet on behalf of Bebe


Parineetii 2nd February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Neeti recalling the way Parminder introduced Neeti as Sanju’s wife. Rajeev asks her why she looks beautiful? She shares with him that she got her rights today. Rajeev hugs her in happiness. She complained that she had returned home from the hospital. He shouldn’t trouble her like that. Rajeev says that he is showing his love to her. Neeti informs him that they want to visit the temple in the morning. She needs peaceful sleep. Neeti asks him how she will manage Bebe. Rajeev tells her that he is enjoying her fear in front of Bebe. Rajeev pulled her leg. Neeti laughed with him. Parineet hears it and thinks that Neeti got her rights in this house. She is happy with Rajeev.

Bebe notices Parineet standing in front of Neeti’s room. She thinks that her doubt is right. She is eyeing Rajeev. She wishes to do something against her. Meanwhile, Bebe notices that no one is awake yet. She even finished the pooja. Parminder comes there and informs her that everyone slept late yesterday. That’s why everyone wakes up late. She demands her to give tea. Parineet comes there taking tea and aarthi. Bebe asks Parminder. Doesn’t she know she won’t drink tea from strangers? She adds that Parineet is taking advantage of her freedom in this house. She shouldn’t behave like that. She questions Parineet what she was doing in front of Neeti’s room yesterday? Doesn’t she her close friend? She shouldn’t stand like that in front of a couple’s room. She mentioned her as a fool. Parineet apologizes to her and leaves. She inquired Parminder about Neeti? Neeti comes there and take her blessing.

Bebe lashes out at Neeti for waking up late. She complained that she informed her to go to the temple in the morning. Neeti apologizes to her. She forgave her for her baby’s sake. Rajeev comes there and greets her. She complained to him that she hadn’t taken her breakfast yet. Rajeev tells her that Parineet used to cook food for us. Bebe asks them what’s going on here? My daughter-in-law should cook. Why are they allowing an outsider to cook here? Neeti is this house’s daughter-in-law, not Parineet. Why are they treating her like an owner? She ordered Neeti to cook breakfast for her. Neeti thinks that she deserved all this by marrying Sanju. She will become a servant here.

Parminder apologizes to Parineet on behalf of Bebe. She adds that she isn’t aware of the truth. Parineet tells her that she has become an outsider. Parminder tells her that she is like her daughter. Parineet adds that Neeti is the daughter-in-law of this house. She doesn’t have any rights here. Parminder says that Rajeev missed an innocent girl like her. Soon god will solve all the problems in her life. She hugs her. Bebe notices them and inquires Parineet why she is crying? Did she take her words to her heart? Parineet denies it. Bebe says that she may argue with her husband.

Neeti comes there and reveals to her that Parineet’s husband betrayed her. He married another girl. Bebe thinks she has an eye on Rajeev. Neeti thinks that is why Bebe is looking down on Parineet. Bebe instructs Neeti and Rajeev about what to do in the temple. Neeti calls Parineet to accompany them. Bebe asks her what the need to accompany them? Parineet tells her that she wants to help Neeti. Bebe scolds her. Parminder thinks that Parineet has rights to do the pooja with Rajeev. After Parineet leaves from there. Bebe says to Neeti that she might keep Parineet away from her husband. She will seduce her husband and marry him. Neeti says that she isn’t like that. She is her best sister. Bebe provokes her against Parineet. Later, Neeti calls Parineet to accompany her. Parminder gives permission to her.

Episode end

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