Parineetii 8th July 2022 Written Update: Parineet stops the wedding


Parineetii 8th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet overhears Shreya shares to her friend that Neeti should not marry Ajay but Sanju. Shreya tries to convince her but Parineet didn’t give heed to her. Neeti searches for Parineet. Ajay thinks that dad used to say he might concentrate on education instead of friends. He gonna end up marrying Sanju’s girl friend it’s better he married to Parineet. He thinks why did he often thinking about Parineet. Just then Parineet comes there tensed. She reminds how did Sukhwinder shares her grief to her.

Parineet tells her that whatever she gonna say to her will hurt her but she has no option then this in her hand. Ajay thinks that she find out the truth. Neeti asks Parineet what happened? Parineet tells her that she know Neeti and Sanju are loving each other but this marriage should stop now. Monty says to her that Rajveer arranged special dance program for them. Neeti gets excited hearing it.

Rajveer and Monty gives a special dance performance there. Rajveer and Parineet dances together on stage. Parineet feels guilty seeing Neeti and Ajay dancing together. Parineet takes Neeti from there and tells her that she wanna see her getting married well. Her words gonna hurt her. Neeti tells her that she won’t get break asap because Parineet, Sukhwinder and Sanju are with her. Parineet reveals to her that Ajay is behind the Sehara who is Shreya’s boyfriend. She shares to her that he went to somewhere asking his friend to pretended to be groom. Sukhwinder gets broken hearing it.

Neeti tells her if she removes the sehara then all truth will come out. Priest stops her from remove it reasoning its not a joke. She tells him its mattering her life. Priest advises her to don’t look straight. Neeti stares him through mirror and gets happy to see Rajveer. He reminds how did he exchanged himself. Shreya and his friend comes there and lies to her that they were playing a drama we were practicing that Parineet misunderstand hearing it. Parineet apologies to her for misunderstanding them. Rajveer feels guilty for her. Priest says to them if they don’t wanna perform this marriage then she is leaving.

Parineet gives Neeti’s hand on Rajveer and tells him Neeti is not only her friend but also her everything. She requests him to take care of her. Marriage rituals begins Parineet notices Mishika and goes behind them. Parineet asks them who are they? She reveals to Parineet as kidnappers. Parineet argues with kidnappers.
Sony says to Parineet that her husband send her here to kidnap them kid. So she will definitely take her from here no one will stop her.

Episode end

Precap; Kidnapper will hold Parineet. She will shout for help. Rajveer will shout for Parineet and Mishika. Kidnappers will get furious and shoot.

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