Parineetii Upcoming Story: Neeti to spoil Parineet’s Prasad for Satyanarayana pooja


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Parineeti is a popular Colors TV show. This show never fails to entertain its audience with a unique story line. Now, the series focuses on Neeti feeling guilty.

In a recent episode, we see, Bebe accused Parineet as the reason for the fire accident. Parminder questions her why she is accusing Parineet for it unnecessary? Bebe informs her that Parineet had been cooking in the kitchen before Neeti got there.

Neeti smartly opened the window or else this house would have caught fire. She instigated Gurinder against Parineet. Gurinder lashed out at Parineet. Rajeev supported her, which hurt Neeti. She scolded Parineet and left. Gurinder said to Parineet that she did it out of jealousy.

Chandrika and Amith supported Parineet. Parineet said to them that she wouldn’t do anything which harm Neeti or Rajeev. Later, Gurinder asked Parminder to send Parineet out of the house.

Parminder said to her that she was carrying Sanju’s baby and she was the legal wife of Rajeev. Later, Rajeev questions Neeti in doubt. She managed the situation there.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Parminder will ask Parineet to make prasad for Satyanarayana pooja. Bebe and Neeti will add garlic to Prasad.

An inspector will walk in and tell Sanju that he is under arrest because the bridge under his company has fallen and there are casualties. Everyone will be shocked to hear that.

What will happen next? When will Parineet reveal the truth to Neeti?

Will Parineet find Neeti’s secret?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.