Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 23rd March 2024 Written Update: Pashminna reunites with Raghav

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 23rd March 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preeti brings Pashminna to the marriage mandap. Pashminna sits beside Rishi. Raghav tells Preeti that he is leaving. He asks Avinash to call him if the latter came to Mumbai then. Avinash says that he will reach Mumbai if he missed Raghav then. He hugs Raghav. Raghav tells bye to everyone and leaves from there. He recalls that how he met Pashminna first time. He meets his family. He tells Ayesha to take his family to airport. He says that he want to roam Kashmir one last time. Ayesha tells Raghav to reach the airport on time.

After some time, Rishi tells Raghav that he could not marry Pashminna and Pashminna belongs to Raghav. He says that Pashminna is his dream but Raghav is Pashminna’s everything. He adds that he can’t come in between Raghav and Pashminna. Raghav tells thanks to Rishi and hugs Rishi. He asks Rishi that where is Pashminna.

He realises that it was his dream. He asks Reva that what is she doing there. Reva asks him that whether he dreamt about Pashminna. He asks her that why he will do that when Pashminna is in the marriage mandap now. She tells him that he should be selfish now. He tells her that she is confusing him. He reminds her that she said she is proud of him. She tells him that she supported him as sister but being selfish is important in love.

She says that Pashminna and Raghav are each other’s happiness and they should become selfish and choose their happiness. She asks him to think from heart,not mind. And says that Pashminna and Raghav are running away from their happiness which is wrong.

He tells her that he don’t want the marriage to get cancelled. He says that Pashminna’s happiness is his happiness and Pashminna choosed Rishi. She asks him that whether he won’t give a chance to his love and leaves from there angrily. He thinks that he will roam Kashmir one last time and gets in the boat. He recalls that how Pashminna told love story to him. He sees bride standing on another boat. He feels like that’s Pashminna. She turns around and he gets shocked seeing Pashminna.

Rishi tells Raghav that he thought the latter or Pashminna will tell the truth to him. He says that they crossed all the limits of sacrifice. And says that he is more sacrificer than them. Everyone comes there. Rishi warns Raghav to not sacrifice Pashminna or love for anything. Raghav tells Rishi that the latter also loves Pashminna. Rishi tells Raghav that he loves his mother and Dadi.

Ayesha says that this love story looks boring so Raghav should do something. Raghav hugs Pashminna ( Title song plays in the background ). Everyone claps for Raghav and Pashminna. Fatima says that they should click a picture. Dadi agrees with Fatima. Everyone poses for a picture.

Show ends.

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