Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 6th December 2023 Written Update: Preeti confronts Avinash


Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 6th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Raghav tells Preeti’s father that Pashminna would have woke up so he is going to see her and leaves from there. Pashminna wakes up and asks Preeti that if she is in heaven. Preeti tells Pashminna that the latter is really fine and they will go home soon. Preeti’s father comes there. Pashminna gets happy seeing him. She tells him that destiny’s game is miracle. She tells Preeti that she loves the latter so much. Baby comes there and says that it’s impossible to find Pashminna’s rare blood group. Raghav sends Baby from there. Preeti gets emotional and leaves from there. Preeti’s father follows Preeti.

Pashminna tells Raghav about her pet’s death. She says that Preeti lied to her to not hurt her. And says that she knew Preeti lied to her but she pretended like she believed Preeti. Preeti cries. Her father consoles her.

Pashminna asks Raghav that how much time she has. She says that Raghav should not lie. She tells him that he would not have got blood donor. Raghav tells her that her blood group is rare. He asks her to tell Preeti to contact her father. He says that Pashminna has rights to ask blood from her father. Preeti overhears their conversation.

Avinash tells Ayesha that they are returning to Mumbai. Ayesha asks him that why he is talking about return now. Pashminna tells Raghav that that person is stranger for her and she won’t tell anything to Preeti. She says that Preeti is sherni and Preeti fought against whole world for her.

Avinash gets shocked seeing Preeti. He asks her that what is she doing there. He moves towards the door. Preeti asks him that if he is running away again. He tells her to leave from there. She orders him to donate blood to Pashminna. He tells her that he has high BP. She tells him that she know he is lying. She says that Pashminna has rights on Avinash’s blood. She threatens to reveal their truth to everyone if he don’t donate blood to Pashminna then. He tells her that she has to face insults if she did like that then. She tells him that she faced insults in her life till now. She says that she don’t have nothing to lose. She tells him that he will lose Ayesha and Raghav. She adds that she is standing in front of Avinash as mother and she can go any extend for Pashminna.

Pashminna tells Raghav that Preeti went to bring blood and she know Preeti will return with blood. Raghav tells her that Preeti is not fighting. Pashminna struggles to breathe. Kailash thinks that Avinash and Raghav should not leave without signing on the deal papers. Preeti brings blood for Pashminna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav tells Pashminna about his feelings and cries. Avinash asks Raghav about his feelings for Pashminna.