Pinjara khubsurti Ka 26th July 2021 Written Update: Vishakha is stunned to see Omkar


Pinjara khubsurti Ka 26th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar behind the bars, Naina and his mother try to rescue him but nothing works. At home Mayura wakes up and recalls how Omkar was arrested. She wants to go outside but Bela comes there and stops her. Vishakha talks about factory project and tells she wants to meet Mayura. Mayura comes there with Bela and smiles confidently at Vishakha. Vishakha asks her several questions and Mayura sarcastically answers those. Vishakha tells Ishan always talks about her and asks her if she likes sword fighting. Mayura says she just wanted to try some different sports but her father doesn’t like it much so she is thinking to give up.

Vishakha tells she shouldn’t give up things she is interested in. Mayura asks her if she likes sword fighting. Vishakha says yes and she even had used sword many times and recalls how she had killed Omkar and Mayura. Mahesh asks Mayura to give snacks to Vishakha. Vishakha sees the OM birth mark on her palm and asks about it. Mayura says its symbol Om like short form of Omkar. Then she says that her mother was devotee of Lord Shiva whose other name is Omkar so. Mayura asks Vishakha if she more questions. Vishakha tells her sorry for making uncomfortable with too many questions. Mayura says she will prepare something special for her to eat.

Mahesh asks Bela to go with Mayura. In kitchen Mayura says that she wants to make pakoras. Bela sees that jar of gram flour is empty and asks DM to bring from store room but she denies due to back pain. Mayura says she would have brought but she doesn’t know how it looks. On going to the storeroom, Mayura locks Bela inside and leaves from there.

At police station, Omkar’s mother requests police to release Omkar but he pushes her away. Mayura comes to police station and scolds him for misbehaving with senior citizen. She gives statement against her father. She says she is Mayura Goswami and she is accepting Omkar is innocent. She asks police to release Omkar immediately and tells Omkar sorry that he had to be behind the bars because of her family.

Police denies and says her father had made a complaint so he should give his statement too. Mayura says she has another method to get Omkar released. Sachin unlocks storeroom and gets Bela out. He gets call from someone and informs Mahesh about the same. They switch on television to see Mayura with all the reporters giving her statement of how her family had trapped Omkar because he was fighting against the chemical factory project in Azadnagar. Public start saying police to release Omkar. Vishakha also comes there when she hears Omkar’s name. She gets stunned to see Omkar and wonders how is it possible.

Mayura tells she and Omkar has met to fight against the evil forces. Vishakha goes away being shocked. Mayura holds Omkar’s hands, but Naina removes it. Omkar asks Naina what is she doing. He takes Mayura’s side. However his mother asks Mayura to go away from Omkar if she wants his well being. Mayura says she won’t go away in this birth. Episode ends with Omkar looking on as his mother takes him from there.

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