Pishachini 30th September 2022 Written Update: Pavitra makes a promise to Vidya


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The episode starts with Rani standing under an orange-colored sky spreading her arms and looking towards the sky. Pishachs are scared when they see the other Pishachs falling down from the sky and turning into black smoke. They ask Rani what is happening. Rani says that Navaratri has started. Pishachs become weak during the Navratri, so they go undercover. Pishachs ask if they should also hide. Rani denies. She says that she’s going to become Maha Pishachini, so she doesn’t need to hide, but she has to become Maha Pishachini before Dussehra else she has to wait 200 years.

Pishachs asks how it’s possible, as Pavitra got married to Rocky. Rani says that she doesn’t know how, but she will definitely become Maha Pishachini and give birth to a child in the Rajput’s family and destroy them. Meanwhile, Pavitra wakes from sleep hearing thunderstorms. She goes out of the room and looks at the sky through the window. She wonders why the sky has turned orange and wonders if it’s not a sign of the upcoming danger.

Pavitra dreams of Rani changing Rocky into Pishach too. She tries to prevent Rani. In her sleep, Pavitra gets on Rocky and holds him tightly. Pavitra wakes up from sleep. Rocky and Pavitra share an eye lock while a romantic song plays in the BG. Pavitra comes to reality and gets up. Rocky teases Pavitra. He says that Pavitra has become insane because of trying to hide her feelings for him. Pavitra worries that Rani could turn more family members into Pishach and is determined to stop Rani from breaking up her family.

In the morning, Rani and the Pishachs have a discussion. Rani says to Pishachs to find the weaker person in the family to create a tiff between the Rajputs’ family members. Dadaji says that now Pavitra is also this family’s part and it won’t be easy to split this family when she’s there. Rani says to use Pavitra to break up the family. Rani and Pishachs laugh.

Pavitra says to Sapna, Sudhakar and Bubli that she wants to cook that day to complete the first Rasoi ritual. She says that her aunt taught her this. Sudhakar, Sapna and Bubli rebuke Pavitra for marrying Rocky by tricking and they badmouth her upbringing. Pavitra gets teary and leaves. Pishachs smile seeing this. Amrita and Pratik use this opportunity to instigate them against Pavitra. Pratik says that Pavitra could have a hidden motive to marry Rocky.

Vidya feels bad seeing the way Pavitra is treated by the family and feels helpless. She hears the laughing sounds and sees Amrita, Partik and Dadaji. They laugh at Pavitra’s condition. Dadaji says that Pavitra is fighting alone against four of them. Vidya is shocked to hear this and starts to cry. The Pishachs hear the crying sound. Pratik goes to check, but Vidya hides. The Pishachs leave when they don’t find anyone.

Vidya comes to Pavitra. She says that they three have become Pishachs, meaning they are dead. She wants to tell this to the family. Pavitra says that she was aware of this. Pavitra stops Vidya from telling this to the family as they won’t believe her and it will also put them in danger. Vidya says to Pavitra to tell the family that she’s the priest’s granddaughter. Pavitra says that her heart says that it’s not time to reveal it. Vidya asks if this secret will ever come out.

Pavitra says that till she finds out how to kill Pishachani. She adds that she tried to find it many times, but Rani always prevented her. Vidya worries about Rani attacking any other family members. Pavitra promises Vidya to protect the family. Meanwhile, Rani is relaxing in the bathtub. Suddenly, the water starts having bubbles and it turns orange. Rani screams. On the one hand, Pavitra sees yellow-colored liquid dropping from the sealing.

The episode ends.

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