Pishachini Upcoming Story: Rani’s truth to come in front of the Rajputs!


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Colors’ popular supernatural show, Pishachini, is gearing up for more drama, with Pavitra and Rocky planning to use Rani child to control her.

Previously, it was seen that Pavitra, Rocky and Sanchit had returned home and found the family was happily lighting the diyas. Rocky wanted to tell Rani’s truth to the family right away. But Sanchit stopped him by not wanting to ruin the family’s happiness.

The Rajputs couple lighted the lantern as a part of the Diwali celebration. Sapna asked Sanchit to light it with Rani. Pavitra, Rocky and Sanchit tried to tell them Rani’s truth. But the family confused them by saying that they already knew the truth.

Pavitra, Rocky and Sanchit were stunned when the family said that Rani was pregnant. Just then, Rani arrived there. She laughed and told Pavitra and Rocky that her and Sanchit’s child would be half human and half Pishach, so he would be the strongest creature.

Later, Pavitra, Rocky, Sanchit and Vidya had a discussion about the same. Sanchit revealed that Rani couldn’t grow the baby in her womb as her body was filled with poison, so she grew the baby outside her body.

Pavitra and Rocky realized that Rani’s child was an important part of Rani’s next plan and planned to use the child to control Rani. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Pavitra will go to Rani and will provoke her by mocking her. Pavitra will say that they have the upper hand in the game she has started. So Pavitra will ask Rani to leave the house for her betterment.

Later, a furious, Rani will take her Pishachini avatar and will vow to stay in that house till she achieves her goal. The Rajputs will be shocked to witness Rani’s Pishachini roop. Rani will say that she’s Pishachini and will ask the Rajputs to recall what happened 20 years back. 

Can Pavitra save the Rajputs from Rani? Will she be able to stop Rani from reaching her goal once again? 

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