Pushpa Impossible 14th March 2023 Written Update: Dileep’s open challenge to Pushpa.


Pushpa Impossible 14th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa praying in front of God. Ashwin says that Deepti lighted the lamp daily and Pushpa asks what she prayed for. Deepti says that God shouldn’t dare to hurt Pushpa.

Pushpa teases her for threatening God straight away and Ashwin calls her Pushpa 2.O. Pushpa asks Rashi to have food and Rashi shares with her how she understood what a luxury home made food is only after she had the food given by them.

Deepti offers to make her some delicious food but Rashi leaves upset. They understand that Rashi is traumatised by the kidnap. Pushpa is also terrified as she recalls about the kidnap. Everyone plan to stay united to bring Rashi from the trauma.

Bapodhara recalls Dileep’s threat and shares his fear with Susheela. Susheela says that he is rich and has a new family now and why would he look back at Pushpa and her kids.

Bapodhara says that it took 15 Years for him to turn into Dharam Raidhan but it won’t take 15 seconds to go back to Dileep. He’s sure that he would definitely get his revenge on Pushpa for sending him to jail and calls him the dark luck in her life.

Susheela gets worried. Rashi recalls Dileep’s call and her kidnap and wakes up shouting. Pushpa comforts her and makes her relax. Rashi says that she couldn’t even close her eyes peacefully there and was really scared. Pushpa says it’s the same there and asks her not to think about it.

Rashi shares with Pushpa about Dileep speaking with her and spending crores to save her. Pushpa explains to her that he’s a snake who left them when she was in her tummy and asks if she’s trusting such a person. She asks Rashi to promise to never think about Dileep and puts her to sleep.

Pushpa says that before Dileep makes his place in Rashi’s heart she needs to do something. She wonders why he spent so much money on Rashi. She looks at the clock and releases her hand from Rashi’s hold once she falls asleep. She takes her purse and leaves the House.

Doorbell rings at Raidhan mansion and Dileep leaves to check. He opens the door and gets shocked. Vasundhara and Mansi were equally shocked. Vasundhara asks her to come in. Pushpa says she’ll say whatever she wants there itself. She confronts him for spending money on Rashi and calling Rashi.

She warns him to not dare to meddle with her or her children at any cost and leaves with a warning. Vasundhara confronts Dharam for always breaking the rule from his side when Pushpa was always clear with her boundaries. She warns him to not make any more mistakes as she won’t be able to forgive him anymore and leaves.

Dileep calls Pushpa and Pushpa asks him to say what he wants to say which he can’t share in front of his wife and daughter. Dileep challenges to make use of the five crore to get his revenge on her and Pushpa challenges back. Dileep thinks that he did right by targeting Rashi. Rashi wakes up at night and sees Dileep’s picture. Pushpa catches her and gets worried about Dileep’s threat.

Precap: Pushpa will celebrate Holi with chawl people when Dileep comes there. Pushpa gets shocked seeing him.

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