Pushpa Impossible 16th December 2023 Written Update: Manish leaves the project for Ashwin


Pushpa Impossible 16th December 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ashwin getting shocked seeing Dilip with Rashi. Ashwin comes to Rashi and Dilip.

A few hours ago, Manish says to Uppen that if he can’t allow Ashwin to join in this project then he can’t do this project with him. Manish says they will join in some other project. Manish leaves from there.

Prathna comes to Mahindra to buy some groceries. Chirag also comes to Mahindra’s shop. Prathna seeing Chirag leaves from there ignoring him. Chirag talks to Mahindra about Prathna. Mahindra says Prathna also knows that he hasn’t pushed Bapodara. Mahindra asks Chirag to talk to Prathna with a calm mind.

Deepti asks Ashwin how did the meeting go. Ashwin sarcastically says the meeting went great. Deepti asks Ashwin what happened. Ashwin says he was insulted as they didn’t even want to talk to him. Deepti asks Ashwin what did Manish do. Ashwin says Manish will not leave the contract because of him. Deepti reminds Ashwin that Manish took this contract because of him. Ashwin comments on it and leaves from there feeling frustrated.

Bapodara comes to meet MLA Patil. The secretary asks Bapodara to wait for a while. Bapodara agrees.

Pushpa feeds medicine to Dilip and asks Dilip to get well soon so that she could get rid of him.

Bapodara says to secretary that he has been waiting for 2 hrs. MLA Patil asks him to come inside. MLA Patil says to Bapodara that he isn’t the right person for their party ticket. Bapodara asks MLA Patil what is the reason for it. MLA Patil says to Bapodara that he allowed Dilip to stay in his Chawl and he is also in laws with Dilip and it damages his image. MLA Patil says if they select him for the corporator seat then their party image will be destroyed.

Bhaskar asks Ashwin to leave his anger and calm down. Bhaskar asks Ashwin to drop him at the Chawl. Ashwin and Bhaskar leave from there.

Ashwin sees Rashi with Dilip and asks Rashi what is Dilip doing here. Rashi tells Ashwin what happened.

Ashwin asks Pushpa what is Dilip doing here. Pushpa asks Ashwin what is he doing here. Ashwin says he came here to drop Bhaskar but when he saw Dilip he couldn’t stop himself and came here. Ashwin comments on Pushpa as she can forgive Dilip and allow him to stay here but she is punishing him and not allowing him to call her mother for a small mistake. Ashwin asks Pushpa what kind of double standard is this.

Rashi reminds that he left this house and says he can come back anytime. Ashwin says this is not his house. Ashwin comments on Dilip saying everyone compares him with Dilip. Bhaskar asks Ashwin to calm down and go home. Ashwin says he doesn’t know where is his home.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bapodara notices that Susheela is wearing role Gold. Pushpa and Susheela think their fears are coming true.

Bapodara comes to Pushpa’s house. Bapodara takes a cricket bat and is about to hit Dilip.