Pushpa Impossible 21st February 2024 Written Update: Pushpa suspects Dilip


Pushpa Impossible 21st February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with everyone congratulating Bapodara as he is going to be a father. Bapodara just goes to his room without responding to anyone. All the Chawl people gossip about Bapodara and Susheela’s pregnancy. Prathna feels embarrassed and leaves from there.

Pushpa thinks their whole plan backfired on them. Juggal thinks where has their standee gone and where did this standee come from.

Prathna says to Pushpa that she also hid about this from her. Pushpa says Bopodara and Susheela were afraid how will she be able to accept this truth so they asked her to hide this matter from her. Pushpa says to Prathna that they did not make this standee. Prathna says she knows Pushpa would not do something like this. Chirag says they have to find out who did this if not everyone will only blame them.

MLA Patil explains to Bapodara that he is the one who made this standee and says he wanted to show this to him in private and take his opinion on it. Bapodara says if he wanted to show it in private why did he made it public and destroy his reputation. MLA Patil says Pushpa has no knowledge about this standee and says it is his mistake. Bapodara asks him to leave. MLA Patil leaves from there.

Santosh says to Dilip that he did a great thing. Dilip regrets his actions as he wanted to win Pushpa’s trust but he did something that is completely against it. Dilip blames Santosh for provoking him. Santosh reminds that he is not the one who gave him the idea to swap the standee.

Susheela encourages Bapodara and says to Bapodara that it’s a good thing now that the truth came out they don’t need to worried about it anymore. Susheela says to Bapodara that they are husband and wife and they need to care about this baby and not about this society. Prathna asks Bapodara if they ever thought of her before doing something like this.

Pushpa family talk about who might have done this. Pushpa asks Dilip if he did this. Dilip asks Pushpa why is she only suspecting him. Rashi defends Dilip.

Prathna argues with Bapodara and Susheela and says that now everyone will also laugh at her along with them. Prathna asks them if they ever thought about her as she is married and she is going to be sister. Bapodara asks Prathna if she thought about them when she ran away with Chirag. Bapodara says this is a coincidence and says they will welcome it no matter what.

Juggal searches for clues in Tana Bana. Juggal searches in the dust bin and finds torn pieces of the standee. Juggal understands someone intentionally tore the standee. Juggal calls Pushpa.

Juggal says to Pushpa that someone intentionally tried to create a rift between her and Bapodara. Pushpa suspects Dilip. Juggal says she can’t accuse him without proof. Dilip is shown to be overhearing their conversation.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa notices the brown colour on Dilip’s hand. Pushpa comes to Tana Bana and notices the same brown colour around the dust bin and confirms her suspicion that Dilip was the one who destroyed the standee.