Pushpa Impossible 21st May 2024 Written Update: Pushpa receives everyone’s praise

Pushpa Impossible 21st May 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Radha asking the driver how far is Nasik. The driver says it’s five kilometres. Radha talks with Pranav. Radha says to Pranav that once they reach Nashik she will leave his ashes in the river. Pushpa asks Radha where does she get this much strength. Radha says they have to accept the truth.

Rashi recalls that when she asked Saran to teach her how to drive. Prarthna also asks Saran how to drive. Rashi lashes out at Prarthna as she asked Saran to teach her how to drive so she could spend time with him but Prarthna ruined it and comments on her.

Jai Kamat says he can’t do this operation. The nurse goes to call Dr Kotak. Juggal learns about what happened in the operation theatre. Juggal gives a pen drive to the nurse and asks the nurse to play these audio clips and says Jai Kamat will do the operation.

The nurse plays the audio clips in the pen drive. Jai Kamat sees Dr Karnik encouraging her. Jai Kamat starts the operation.

Prarthna apologises to Rashi and says she will learn driving lessons from someone else and she asks Rashi to forgive her. Rashi agrees. Rashi asks Prarthna if they can learn driving from Saran together and says it will be fun. Prarthna agrees.

Saran calls Pushpa and asks Pushpa if Radha knows the truth about Pranav. Radha says she knew about the truth from the beginning. Radha says she went to mix Pranav ashes in the river. Radha says he will tell her the whole truth after coming there.

Jai Kamat is shown to be doing the operation. Radha and Pushpa return to the Chawl. Varsha apologise to Radha for hiding the truth from her. Pushpa after that goes to the hospital.

The operation gets completed. Jai Kamat comes and reveals to Pushpa and others that operation has been fine and they need to wait for the patient to regain consciousness to see if he is paralysed or not.

Jai Kamat checks Raja after he regains consciousness and confirms he is not paralysed. Jai Kamat asks Pushpa for a pizza as the operation is successful. Pushpa thanks Jai Kamat. Jai Kamat thanks Pushpa and says he has stepped again into the operation theatre only because of her. Pushpa comments on it and thanks Jai Kamat for saving Raja.

Pushpa and Juggal drink tea. Pushpa thanks Juggal for always being with her and helping her.

Pushpa receives praise from the Chawl people for saving g Raja. Radha gives a salute to Pushpa.

Pushpa’s family also praise Pushpa. Nana Vade comes to Pushpa’s house to meet Swara. Nana Vade sees Swara and asks Swara if he can play with her. Swara agrees.

Episode ends.

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