Pushpa Impossible 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Pushpa attempts to get admission in the school


Pushpa Impossible 22nd June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Ashwin says that he can prepare the presentation in 3 days. Deepti asks her Boss to give a chance to them. Boss tells her that the presentation should be ready in 3 days at any cost. After some time, Deepti asks Ashwin that how can he prepare the presentation in 3 days. She reminds him that he has to do his part time job too. He tells her that everything is possible. He adds that he learnt this from his mother.

Pushpa reaches the school and meets the Principal. She tells him that she want to join his school. He tells her that she can join night batch. She tells him that she wants admission for morning batch. He tells her that she can’t study with normal students.

One guy collides with Chirag and runs from there. That guy drops his wallet by mistake. Chirag finds that wallet. Another guy comes there and asks Chirag that if the latter saw theif. He adds that he has his salary in his wallet and have to pay his mother’s medical bill. Chirag gives the wallet to him.

Prarthana gets surprised seeing that. That guy thanks Chirag and gives money to him. Prarthana asks him that why he gave the wallet to him. Chirag says that Ashwin could be in that guy’s place. He says that Ashwin and Pushpa trying to save money for Ashwin’s marriage.

In the chawl, everyone waits for water supply. They gets happy when water came properly. Chawl ladies screams seeing that. They gives the credit to Pushpa. Bapodhara gets annoyed hearing them. He asks his wife to fill water in their bucket. Bhavana praises Pushpa. Everyone claps for Pushpa.

Deepti recalls that how Ashwin said that he will give presentation in 3 days and smiles. On the other hand, Ashwin works in the project. Pushpa sees that. Next day, Pushpa reaches the school and tells school staff that she wants admission for herself. He tells her that she can join night school. She tells him that that’s evening school and she has to be in the house at evening.

Later, Pushpa tells Amir bhai that she does not have any options to pursue her education. He tells her about Ashutosh. He reveals that Ashutosh studied in the night school and he is trustee in 3 schools now. She asks him about that person’s name. He tells her that, that person’s name is Ashutosh.

Pushpa recalls that how she asked Ashwin that how he learns new things. He tells her about internet. She thinks that she can get details about Ashutosh from internet. She opens the laptop. Chirag sees her and questions her. She lies to him. He tells her that something is burning.

Students discuss about Ashutosh. Ashutosh asks students about their favorite teacher. One of the student asks him that who is his favorite teacher. He tells her that his mother Nirmala is his favorite teacher. He praises his mother. He asks them to hug their mother and thank them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rashi tells Pushpa that she want to become like Ashutosh and inspire others. Pushpa tries to meet Ashutosh.

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