Pushpa Impossible 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Bapodhara gets praises for his noble act.

Pushpa Impossible 22nd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi saying that she wants to stand and call out the culprit as a victim. She says that the culprits get away easily just because the victims couldn’t have the courage to raise their voice . She says today she will be a lesson to every victim out there and asks who would like to join her in exposing the culprit. First Rashi’s friends come there for her support followed by other students. Jagtap urges his son to leave soon else he would be thrashed by the people. Bapodhara lashes out at him for supporting his son for all the wrong things. He tells him atleast save his face by himself getting his son punished. The students demand Rashi to say the name of the culprit and Rashi reveals that it’s Dushyant. Jagtap listens to Bapodhara and takes Dushyant in front of everyone while Bapodhara calls the Police .

Jagtap apologizes on behalf of his son and praises Rashi for her courage. He agrees to get his son punished as his people are more important to him than his son. Inspector comes there and arrests Dushyant while Dushyant swears to avenge Rashi in his mind. Rashi thanks Bapodhara for supporting while Bapodhara says that she proved that she’s the daughter of a brave lady. Pushpa calls out the college management for being responsible for things going out of hand as they didn’t take action at right time. They apologize for the same and promises to not repeat the mistake. Rashi clicks a selfie. Viren plans to stop Pushpa from completing her order. He orders all the thread sellers to not sell for Pushpa and Sunil agreed for it.

Bapodhara gets praises in his chawl for standing by Rashi. Kaku tells that if he stands in corporator election then his first vote would be gets. Bapodhara gets emotional as he recalls Kaku slapping him for character assassinating Pushpa. Bapodhara credits Pushpa for guiding him in the right path else along with Rashi Prarthana’s life would also have been ruined as he planned her alliance with Dushyant. Later Chirag and Prarthana were happy that Bapodhara supported Rashi and also they don’t have to deal with Dushyant. Rashi dances with her family to celebrate the victory. Devi Singh calls Pushpa to know that they still couldn’t find a suitable lawyer for Mahendra case. She learns that the opponent Nayanthara is powerful and decides to attend the conference online. She calls Pushpa and tells that she herself would take up the case but also asks her not to hope much. Pushpa gets happy.

Precap: Mahendra gives one lakh cheque to Devi Singh as he wants to save Golu at any cost. Devi Singh warns him that it’s an open shut case .

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