Pushpa Impossible 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Ashavari and Baskar’s wedding anniversary party.


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The episode starts with Teacher announcing that Pushpa passed with just one mark. Rashi gets shocked while Pushpa gets happy. Teacher advises Rashi that she knows Pushpa’s limitations and how it’s extra difficult for her compared to other students but she gave her best. Teacher asks the whole class to clap. After class, Pushpa and Sam tries consoling Rashi but she lashes out at both and leaves asking her to enjoy victory. Pushpa apologizes Sam on behalf of Rashi but Sam says it’s fine. He says that Rashi is more upset with her passing over her failing. Peon says Pushpa that Nanavati called her. Pushpa goes there.

Nanavati gives tamarin fruit to Pushpa for passing the exam but Pushpa says that she just passed with one mark and he’s already celebrating which means he expected her to fail. Nanavati says that it’s not wrong to celebrate her victory but Pushpa says that Rashi failed in her exams. She says about something troubling Rashi for the past few days and gets worried for the same. Saran comes there and asks for treat too. Nanavati says about Pushpa being upset over Rashi failing. Saran says its a good thing as they can use reverse psychology on Rashi and use this as a motivation for her to study.

Pushpa comes home and Mahendra and Golu asks her about her result. Pushpa says about passing the test and both gets happy. Ashavari also learns about it and celebrates it with her. Bapodhara passes by and Pushpa teases him. He too leaves mocking her. Golu gets angry at her but Pushpa consoles him. She invites Ashavari and Mahendra and Golu for the party. Deepti calls Pushpa to ask about her result and Pushpa says that she passes. Deepti asks about Rashi’s result but Pushpa hesitates. Deepti understands and agrees to meet her in the party. Deepti says about possibility of Rashi failing but Pushpa passing the test. Sonali and Manish also appreciates and gets awestruck with Pushpa’s efforts.

Pushpa scolds Rashi for bit having any issues but still failing in her exams. She uses the same method said by Saran and it works out. Rashi swears to give her best in the next test. Bhavana is upset that that Pushpa didn’t invite her for the party when Kaku comes and orders sweets and snacks. She learns about the reason for Bhavana being upset and says even she was not invited so does Aamir Bhai. She says it’s between two families and explains her to not be upset when it was not her intention to hurt her. Bhavana understands and Kaku asks her to send the sweets and snacks to Pushpa’s house as her treat. She does the same.

Ashavari and Baskar comes to Pushpa’s house and every compliments Ashavari. They tease and spend some happy moments together. Deepti also joins them. Chirag gifts them his handmade picture of them together as his gift. Susheela overhears Bapodhara talking with his lawyer about the agreement papers which he has and decides to do something about it. Bhavana’s snacks gets delivered and everyone have food. Pushpa notices the tension between Ashwin and Deepti and says about it to Rashi and Chirag. They make a plan.

Precap : Aryan will send Rashi’s party pictures to her and Rashi will call him. Aryan will say that he will get his revenge against her ny sending the pictures to everyone including her mother. Rashi will get worried when Sam and Parminder together get a message. Pushpa will ask Rashi who’s Aryan.

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