Pushpa Impossible 26th September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa solves Deepti and Sonal’s dispute.


Pushpa Impossible 26th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa mocking Bapodhara for his cheap act and exhibited her cool side in front of him. Everyone laughs at Bapodhara while he leaves irked. How everything the children look at Pushpa’s worried face. Pushpa is cleaning the house for wedding and Ashwin asks her to study. She says that she will as right now they had to make preparations for wedding. She asks him to think of a solution for Deepti and Sonal’s problem. She looks st Chirag’s sketch and praises it. Chirag says he got a contract for 10 sketches thanks to Bapodhara. She falls down and shouts in pain while her children tend to her. However she laughs saying that she was fooling them.

Both Saran and Nanavati were thinking about Pushpa and their first meet with her. They both discuss about her when Rashi’s friend, Sam and Parminder come to meet them. They request him to bring her back as she cooked very healthy food for her every day and Nanavati gets an idea. He sends them away saying that the children gave a good idea to bring back Pushpa. Pushpa asks Ashwin to call Deepti while she calls Sonal. She says Sonal that she might be busy with studies but she wanted to change the interiors of the house for the wedding. Sonal at first refuses but later Pushpa indirectly forces her to agree to meet her. Ashwin also called Deepti.

Ashwin, Deepti, Sonal and Pushpa discuss about wedding. Ashwin supports Deepti for court wedding while Pushpa supports Sonal. Finally after much coaxing and manipulating they made her to accept only 200 guests for the wedding. Deepti and Ashwin left to inform Manish about finding a solution for the problem. Chirag gives the completed sketch to Munna as he leaves with Prarthana for a work. Sonal understands Pushpa’s plan and calls her tricky. She then goes on to check the interiors while Pushpa gets worried. Neelima asks her neighbour to stitch her blouse. Ramesh comes there and speaks ill about their relationship. He then drags Neelima in to thrash her. Munna on his way skids and the sketches fall in dirt. Munna cries and informs it to Chirag. Chirag gets disheartened.

Precap : Nanavati will call Pushpa to school next day and will give her a happy news that she is back to school. Pushpa will ask what does he mean for which Nanavati will narrate something.

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