Pushpa Impossible 29th March 2023 Written Update: Aswin apologies to Deepti


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The episode starts with Mansi asking Dilip if he attended Raashi’s PTA meeting. He nodded to her. He asks her what’s wrong with it? Maansi asks him why he is trying to make up with them? Aswin called her and shares that he was upset with his act. She was even upset. Dilip tells her that Raashi resembled Maansi when she asked him to attend her PTA. Maansi says that today he remembers her in Raashi. What if he remembers Vasundhara when he sees Pushpa? Dilip tells her that Raashi is a child. He can’t deny her wish. He doesn’t have any relationship with them. Maansi asks him not to hurt them again. Dilip tells her that he loves Vasundhara and Maansi.

Later, Pushpa notices Raashi is upset. She apologized to her for not sending her on the school trip. She says to her that she won’t understand her feelings now, but she will understand them once she becomes a mom. Raashi says that once she was kidnapped. But it won’t happen again. Everyone is there. Nothing will happen to her. She cancelled this trip because of her catering order. Pushpa gives permission to Raashi. She gets excited and shares her happiness with her. Deepti kissed her

Neelima shares her grief with Kaaku. Jai’s family meets Bapodra’s family to ask Prarthana’s hand for Jai Kumar. Deepti asks Pushpa if Bapodra will fix Prarthana’s wedding asap? Chirag hears it. Pushpa tells her that she is too young to get married. But Bapodra won’t listen to them. Jaikumar’s family comes to meet Prarthana. Meanwhile, Bapodra praises Jaikumar for getting his permission to talk with Prarthana. He says that he was working in London, though he didn’t forget their traditions.

Jaikumar says that she can continue her studies in London. Ishan’s wife suggests them, asking Prarthana’s decision. She says to them that her parents’ decision is final. Bapodra appreciates her. Pushpa praises Jai Kumar in front of Chirag. Which upsets him. She says that Prarthana will settle in London. Chirag says that they are marrying from India to use them as servants in foreign countries. Deepti denies it. Chirag says that he doesn’t believe it. Chirag says that they are forcing her to marry. She doesn’t have an interest in marrying. Pushpa asks him how he is sure of it?

Bapodra discussed the wedding with Jai Kumar’s family. Pushpa says that Jai Kumar is a handsome guy working in London. He is a good match for her. She praises him and leaves. Deepti asks Chirag if she is not interested in this wedding or if he doesn’t like it. He excuses her. Later, Dilip contacts Sunny to confirm Bapodra’s chawl in his name. He confirmed that it was his and Kakkus’s names. Dilip tells him that he has to meet him asap. Dilip thinks that he will use Bapodra to trouble Pushpa.

Later, Deepti takes dinner with Pushpa and Aswin. She asks him doesn’t he was disappointed with the problem. He tells her that the boss likes her work better than him. She asks him if he appreciates her or is disappointed with her. He says that he was passing the message. Pushpa tries to divert the topic. Aswin says that her mom thinks employees are at fault. She asks him to deal with her mom about it. Stop showing his anger at her. She asks him to stop discussing the office matter with his family. Stop confusing office and personal relationships.

She says that she was opposed to his decision to work with her mom but he didn’t listen to her at that time. A discussion about work during mealtime turns into a heated argument between Aswin and Deepti. Meanwhile, Pushpa wishes to meet Sonal. Aswin feels guilty for getting out his anger on Deepti. He apologised to Deepti. Deepti shares her grief with him. Later, Pushpa says to Sonal that Aswin is showing his office stress at home. Sonal tells her what if he showed his family streets in his office. He was handling more stress. Aswin says to Deepti that he isn’t getting another job. Pushpa asks Sonal to give a little time to Aswin. He will change. Sonal suggests Pushpa shift Aswin and Deepti to another flat. They need privacy. Pushpa was shocked to hear it.

Episode end

Precap; Deepti will hesitate to talk with Pushpa. Pushpa misunderstands her hesitation and tells her that she wants to shift to another flat. She will assure Deepti that she won’t stop them.

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