Pushpa Impossible 30th March 2023 Written Update: Pushpa is confused about making a decision.

Pushpa Impossible 30th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa getting shocked hearing Sonal’s words. Sonal says that her words can be hurtful for her but it’s for the betterment of their kids. She says that her intention is not to separate her from Ashwin and Deepti. She says that the ongoing fiasco is holding on Ashwin from moving on and she wants him to move ahead in his life. Ashwin apologizes to Deepti and they both make up. Sonal asks her not to take it wrong but sometimes they have to make difficult decisions for the good of their children. Pushpa says that she understands her points and agrees to give it a thought. Ashwin is lost in thoughts and Pushpa enters home. She’s equally confused about what to do. Her inner self advises her to not take decisions in haste. It says that right now her priority is her 10th exam and asks her to concentrate on it. It asks her to save the remaining problems for later and Pushpa agrees.

The next morning, Pushpa shares her worry with Rashi about sending her to a school trip. Deepti asks her not to worry. Bapodhara and Susheela come there with sweets and find the good news about Prarthana’s engagement. Chirag gets sad hearing it and Deepti notices it. Pushpa teases Bapodhara before taking the sweet from him and congratulates him. Once he leaves she finds Chirag upset and thinks that he’s upset as Prarthana is leaving him. She cheers him up and leaves. Sunny visits Dileep’s office and Dileep tries to introduce himself. Sunny says everything about him including responsible for Bapodhara’s heading impairment. Dileep offers a deal to him and Sunny is shocked reading it. He asks if he thinks he would sign it but Dileep asks him to give it a thought.

Rashi meets Saran in school and thanks him for convincing her mother to permit her to go on a school trip. Saran understands that Rashi has issues sharing things with people and offers her a diary. He says that he would share his thoughts with it too and asks her to do the same. Rashi takes it from him. Pushpa then meets with Saran and asks him to take care of Rashi on the trip. Saran in return asks her to take care of his mother referring to Kaku. Pushpa is surprised to hear it but Saran expresses his wish to stay by Kaku’s side and take her as family.

Pushpa says that Kaku is very much hurt with what her son did and it’s not easy to win her trust. Saran says he knows but he’s still willing to try. Pushpa lends her support to him. Deepti takes Prarthana aside and asks if she’s really happy with her marriage. Prarthana cries and says about her proposing Chirag and her rejecting it. Deepti consoles her. Sunny takes his leave asking for time to think about the proposal. Once he leaves, Dileep makes a call to Rashi. Rashi who’s about to open the diary to write stops midway.

Precap: Deepti tries to tell about Chirag and Prathana to Pushpa but she misunderstands that she’s trying to talk about moving to a new flat and gives her nod

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