Pushpa impossible Upcoming Story: Pushpa’s voting to have a tie.


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Sab TV channel launched a brand new show titled Pushpa Impossible starring Karuna Pandey alongside Garima Parihar and Darshan Gurjar. Earlier its seen that Pushpa confronted Rashi and refused to back off from her try. Now it will be seen that Pushpa’s admission will be in the hands of the final trustee Saran sir.

Previously we have seen that, Rashi angrily confronted Pushpa about trying to study the same class as her at this age in front of urge whole Chawl. Pushpa answered back that she just wanted to study and was not doing anything wrong that they had to be ashamed of it.

Bapodhara mocked Pushpa for her stupidity and Chirag got angry when he continued insulting his mother. Pushpa reasoned that it was them who forced her to take the decision by name calling her as uneducated, loud mouth and whatnot. She gave examples of Neelima and another girl who were facing the burden of the society as they couldn’t stand on their own legs being uneducated.

She wanted to inspire those who wanted to achieve irrespective of their age. She asked them to decide what is more shameful to them – her being uneducated or her trying to study. She made it clear that she would definitely enroll in school and asked them to do whatever they wish. Pushpa got support from other Chawl members.

Deepti kept calling Ashwin as he had not reached the party. Ashwin picked up her call and explained the situation there shocking Deepti. Kaku supported Pushpa for taking stand for herself and Pushpa worried to lose her loved ones because of her dream.

Kaku assured that her loved ones would never leave her for no mistake of hers. Deepti’s parents were also in shock over Pushpa’s decision and had mixed feelings regarding it. Chirag and Ashwin discussed about the current mess but where also upset with Rashi’s behaviour towards Pushpa.

Pushpa got ready for the presentation while Rashi prayed that Pushpa doesn’t get admission.

In the future episodes we will witness, Pushpa will be having snacks in school. Rashi will see it ahd gets pissed off. Ashutosh will say Pushpa that it’s a tie and there’s equal amount of support and opposition for her to join school. He will add that he has called Saran Sir to vote the deciding vote and now everything depends on them.

Will Pushpa continue her education? Will Pushpa’s children support her big decision? Will Pushpa’s decision affect Ashwin’s marriage with Deepti?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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