Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th April 2024 Written Update: Yug decides to learn Radhika’s past

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th April 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Yug asks Radhika that whom she don’t want to meet. Radhika tells him that Dadi left without telling her so she don’t want to meet Dadi. He tells her that she is lying. She tells him that she is not lying. He asks her that whether she is happy. She tells him that she is happy. He hugs her. She recalls that how Dadi called her and said Yug loves her so much and Yug should not know about Mohan’s family never. She thinks that Dadi never warned her like this and she also don’t want Yug to meet Mohan.

On the other hand, Mohan requests Lord Krishna to make him meet Radha like how he met Dadi today. Gungun hears this and gets worried. She tells him that her doubt was right. She says that Mohan came to Delhi for Radha. He accepts that he came to Delhi to meet Radha. He says that he won’t lie anymore. He tells her that he will die without Radha. He adds that he want to ask few questions from Radha. She asks him that what’s the need of it when Radha left them. He tells her that he can’t forget Radha and Radha is big part of his life.

She tells him that Radha was her mother and Radha left her so she don’t want to see Radha again. She says that she will go to Vrindavan. He asks her to face the problem instead of running away like this. He says that Gungun’s school is in Delhi and he bought house in Delhi. He adds that he won’t let Gungun ruin her life because he is her father. She asks him that what about his life. She says that she is not understanding why Mohan want to ruin his present.

Yug tells himself that he know Radhika lied to him. He says that Radhika’s tears are precious and she cried today. He decides to kill the person because whom Radhika cried today. Poonam comes there and asks him that why he is ruining everything. She says that they are living peacefully after many years. She tells him that their past will come out while digging Radhika’s past. She warns him that Radhika will leave him if his past came out then. He warns her to not talk about that because he loves Radhika so much. He says that he has to know why Radhika cried and why Radhika lied to him.

Mohan tells Gungun that he did wrong with Radha by not believing her. Gungun asks him that what wrong she did with Radha. She says that Mohan can do whatever he wants to do. She adds that Radha moved on in her life. He asks her that whether she met Radha. She tells him that she is sure Radha moved on in her life that’s why Radha did not return. He tells her that Radha must be waiting for him. Meera overhears their conversation and leaves from there.

Next day, Mohan asks Ketki and Ajeet that why they are looking like they saw ghost. Ketki lies to him that small argument happened in the office. Mohan tells Meera that his house is her house and he alloted one special room for her in his house. Ketki tells thanks to Meera. Meera says that she got family because of them and she is habituated to them. Gungun tells Meera that she will miss the latter. She thinks that Radha and Mohan will meet one day for sure but she should stop that.

Episode ends.

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