Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th March 2023 Written Update: Radha slaps Bhushan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Radha says that Ketki is hiding something from her for sure and she saw fear in Ketki’s eyes. On the other hand, Damini tells Kaveri that her troubles are keep increasing. She says that mask man must be Bhushan. Kaveri tells Damini that, that’s not possible. Dulari tells Radha that everyone is waiting for the latter. Radha goes to dining table. Mohan tells Bhushan that the latter hurted himself while doing something for others. Kadambari says that how Bhushan used to take care of her and Kaveri. Mohan praises Bhushan for helping strangers.

Kadambari says that Mohan is like Bhushan. Radha tells herself that Mohan don’t know Bhushan’s real face. Bhushan notices Radha. He asks everyone to not blame Radha for anything. He tells her to sit beside him and have food. But Radha refuses to sit beside him. Mohan says that Bhushan’s hand got burnt due to Radha and she is trying to hide that. Tulsi asks him to not say like that about Radha.

Bhushan tells Mohan that Radha did nothing wrong. He makes Radha sit. Radha is about to say something, but Kadambari stops her and asks her to eat silently. Radha asks Ajeet about Ketki. Ajeet informs her that Ketki will have food in the room. Bhushan touches Radha’s hand while serving her. She feels uncomfortable. Damini tells Kaveri that Bhushan is taking care of Radha too much.

Mohan says that how much Bhushan respects women. Bhushan serves jalebi to Radha. He touches Radha’s hand under the table. Radha gets up and slaps Bhushan. Kadambari asks her that what is this. Radha says that Bhushan deserves this. She reveals that she burnt Bhushan’s hand because he touched her inappropriately and it turns out to be Radha’s dream. Tulsi understands that something happened to Radha. Bhushan asks Radha to sit and eat. Radha says that she is not hungry. Bhushan says that he brought shagun for Radha. He shows the bangles.

Mohan, Damini and Rahul claims that Radha married Mohan for money. Bhushan asks them to stop it. He claims that Radha want love. He is about to make her wear the bangle. But Radha pushes him and goes inside. Kadambari asks Bhushan that if he is fine. Mohan wonders that what happened to Radha. Tulsi says that something is bothering Radha because Radha never behaved like this.

Radha enters her room. She recalls that how Bhushan made her feel uncomfortable. She says that Bhushan is shameless creature. She tells God that Bhushan is good person for everyone and no one will believe her even if she tells the truth to them. Bhushan comes there and tells her that she is right. She tells him that he is like curse. He tells her that he stopped her for him. She warns him to not talk like that to her. He tells her that everyone will blame her even if she tells the truth so she should listen him.

Episode ends.

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