Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st March 2023 Written Update: Radha beat Bhushan with slipper 


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Bhushan tells Radha that she is alone in that house. Radha tells him that her family is with her. He taunts her. She tells him that Mohan may hate her but Mohan trust her. She says that Mohan won’t spare Bhushan when she tells the truth to Mohan. He tells her that she trust Mohan so much so let’s test Mohan. He challenges that soon Mohan will bring Radha to him. She tells him that, that won’t happen. He says that Radha did not see his political mind yet and he just need 5 minutes. She is about to beat him with slipper but stops herself. He tells her that she looks beautiful in anger and leaves from there. 

Kadambari says that she is not able to believe that Radha behaved like that with Bhushan when he treated Radha very well. Bhushan comes there and cries. She asks him that what happened. He tells her that he don’t know what wrong he did with Radha. He says that he just wanted to give bangles to Radha but she is angry. And Mohan should not have taunted Radha. Mohan apologizes to him. He says that he will bring Radha to Bhushan. 

Radha tells herself that she know Mohan won’t force her to do anything. Mohan comes there and asks Radha to accept the bangles. She tells him that he don’t know about Bhushan. He reminds her that she is in the house due to Bhushan and she is insulting Bhushan. She tells him that she won’t go. He drags her to the hall. Kadambari scolds Radha. 

Bhushan asks Radha that if she want anything else. Radha tells him that she don’t want anything. Tulsi wonders that what happened to Radha. Bhushan says that everyone said Radha is greedy that’s why she is not accepting the bangles. He asks Radha to not worry because no one will tell her anything. Radha is about to leave from there. But Kadambari stops Radha and tells her that she won’t let her insult Bhushan. 

Mohan asks them to leave it if Radha don’t want the bangles then. Kadambari asks him to not interfere. She tells Bhushan to make Radha wear the bangles. Bhushan makes Radha wear the bangles. Radha is about to remove the bangles but stops seeing Gungun. She thinks that she can’t talk about Bhushan in front of Gungun. Gungun asks Mohan about colours. Mohan tells her that he did not get time to buy. Radha says that they will make colours in the house. She takes Gungun inside. Mohan says that they should not have forced Radha and goes inside. 

Damini tells Kaveri that Radha’s behaviour towards Bhushan changed and something happened between them for sure. She says that she noticed Bhushan looking at Radha lovingly. Kaveri beat her up talking like that about Bhushan. Ketki sees everything. 

Later, Damini asks Radha that why the latter want to send Mohan to office. Radha thinks that she can’t let Damini know her intention. She asks her that if the latter is hiding anything. Damini warns her to not try to go to office. Ketki gets scared seeing Bhushan and she runs from there.

Bhushan tells Radha that he is God for everyone. He says that he is responsible for Vishwanath and Kadambari’s marriage. And he gave money when Mohan faced loss in his business and he convinced everyone for Mohan and Tulsi’s marriage. He tells her that he know Mohan don’t share bed with him. He asks her to keep him happy and no one will get to know about it. She slaps him with her slipper. 

Episode ends. 

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