Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Damini plans to join hands with Bhushan 

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Damini claims that Radha wants Bhushan on her side to rule the house. Radha slaps Damini which shocks everyone. She tells Damini that atleast today the latter should have supported her. Damini tells her that everyone know, how cunning Radha is. Radha says that Bhushan is devil and he is danger for ladies. And she would have killed Bhushan if she could then. Kadambari is about to slap Radha but the latter holds Kadambari’s hand.

Radha says that she is not wrong today and Bhushan tried to play with her dignity. And even Damini questioned her character so she won’t tolerate all this. She says that no one has rights to insult her. Kadambari tells Radha that the latter insulted her by accusing Bhushan. Radha asks her to trust her. Kaveri says that everyone know Radha is a liar so who will trust Radha. Radha tells her that Mohan will trust her. She says that Mohan may hate her, but he know she won’t cheat so he will support her for sure. Bhushan thinks that Mohan will kill him if Mohan got to know about all this then. He says that he made mistake for sure, because he thought Radha is his daughter. 

Kadambari tells Radha that she won’t hear a word against Bhushan. Radha tells her that the latter did not say anything when everyone accused her. Bhushan thinks that he should escape before Mohan comes. He says that he can’t tolerate this insult so he will leave the house. Kadambari asks him to not leave because he is right. He tells her that it’s about his respect so he can’t ignore all this. 

Ketki recalls that how Radha accused Bhushan. Radha comes there. She tells Ketki that it’s time to raise her voice against evil. She says that she know Ketki wanted to support her but remained silent for Kadambari’s sake. She asks her to tell the truth to everyone. Ketki tells her that she don’t want to say anything and Bhushan is leaving so everything will be fine. Radha tells her that this family will trust the latter. Ketki tells her that she don’t want to involve in this matter. 

Damini tells Kaveri that she was right about Bhushan. Kaveri says that she can’t face anyone due to Bhushan. Damini tells her that they can use Bhushan to throw Radha out of the house. And they should make sure Kadambari throws Radha out of the house. Tulsi overhears their conversation. 

Kadambari apologizes to Bhushan. Kaveri comes there and tells Kadambari that Radha insulted Bhushan so Radha should apologize to Bhushan in front of everyone. Kadambari says that she will convince Radha to apologize to Bhushan and leaves from there. Damini tells Bhushan that she liked his villian state.  

Radha waits for Mohan. Kadambari tells Radha to apologize to Bhushan. But Radha refuses to apologize. So Kadambari tells Radha to leave the house. 

Episode ends. 

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