Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th December 2023 Written Update: Damini joins Trivedis team

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shiv notices that bomb is missing from his bag. Radha gives the bomb to him saying that she kept it safely. Damini tells herself that they have to stop the Terrorists. Radha, Mohan and Shiv looks at Damini. Damini notices that and she informs them that she is their side. She asks Mohan to do something because she don’t want to die without getting married. Mohan gets an idea and asks Kadambari to do acting of having heart attack. Shiv and Radha also asks Kadambari to do acting.

Officer is angry that Shiv became hostage. He says that they can’t let Terrorists get escaped. Kavita tells him that they will send army inside once bomb gets replaced by Radha, Mohan and Shiv.

Kadambari starts acting. Mohan also acts. Bunty asks Mohan that what happened to Kadambari. Mohan tells him about Kadambari’s heart attack. Mr X comes there. Mohan asks Mr X to do something. Mr X tells Shiv to treat Kadambari. Bunty asks Mr X that why she is saving Kadambari when passengers are going to die. Mr X tells him that passengers will use violence if they got to know that they are going to die then.

Shiv examines Kadambari and says that Kadambari is in critical condition and she need to be lay down for treatment. Mr X tells him to take Kadambari inside. Shiv takes Kadambari inside. Radha and Mohan follows them. Bunty tells them that they can’t stay with Kadambari. Radha and Mohan refuses to leave from there. Terrorist keep an eye on them. Shiv tells him to leave from there. Radha tells Terrorist that he will go to hell for this. She curses him. Terrorist leaves from there.

Trivedis and Shiv searches the bomb. Radha finds her bag and takes it. Mohan takes the bomb from the bag. He says that they have to destroy the bomb.

Mr X sees Terrorist flirting with Tina. She scolds them. She says that Trivedis should not see the bomb. She moves towards Business class. Damini stops Mr X and she tells her to kill Radha. Mr X tells her to kill Radha. Damini tells her that that won’t be easy. She says that she killed Mohan’s first wife. Mr X pushes her and leaves from there.

Radha tells Shiv and Mohan to replace the bomb. Shiv replaces the bomb. They starts acting again. Mr X comes there and takes the bomb bag from there. She checks the bomb. She tells Terrorist that she is glad Trivedis did not see the bomb. Radha gives the bomb to Shiv. And Shiv keep the bomb there. Mr X comes there and sends Trivedis and Shiv from there.

Mohan tells Radha that Terrorists can’t kill them now. Shiv says that they are not safe so duplicate bomb is in business class still. He adds that it’s time to attack face to face. Mohan agrees with Shiv. Mr X notices them and thinks that they are up to something for sure. She decides to activate the bomb.

Mohan says that he and Shiv will keep the Terrorists busy. He tells Radha to handle Tina. Damini tells him that she want to help them. Mohan tells Radha and Damini to handle Tina. Radha tells Mohan and Shiv to take care of themselves. Mohan and Shiv beat the Terrorists up. Radha and Damini goes inside.

Mr X scolds Shiv and Mohan. He says that they will be the reason of passengers death. She shows the bomb to everyone. Passengers gets shocked seeing this. Mr X says that she will activate the bomb if Shiv and Mohan don’t leave the Terrorists then. Passengers asks Mohan and Shiv to leave the Terrorists. Mohan tells them that that bomb is duplicate. Mr X says that Mohan is lying. She adds that she will show trailer. She realises that she is not able to activate the bomb. She recalls that how Shiv took Kadambari inside. She understands that they did something with the bomb. She points a gun towards Mohan.

Episode ends.

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