Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 15th September 2023 Written Update: Pratiskha finally exposes Kavya!

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 15th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malhar showing the videos of Kavya intoxicating the food on the day of puja and mixing excess salt and chilly. Malhar says that he is exposed now. Kavya says that she agrees that she has done all of this but she was not left with any other option. Malhar says that since she is guilty, she would be arrested. Kavya says that she would speak to Pratiksha first. Pratiksha thanks Ravi for making Pratiksha strong alone to fight and win and asks him to have faith in him. Kavya and Pratiksha go inside to talk. 

Kavya asks Pratiksha if she felt good after exposing her. Pratiksha says that she felt very good. She says that it was necessary to do this since she has been doing what not with her for a long time and it is very clear from this that she doesn’t love Ravi at all . It’s all fake. Kavya says that she has come here to warn her. Kavya gives Pratiksha an open challenge and tells her that in the next 24hrs, Kavya would be standing here and Ravi would be the one who would bring her here. Pratiksha says that she can go on and dream big. A lady constable arrives and puts handcuffs in Kavya’s arms and says that Pratiksha’s condition would worsen in the next 24 hrs. Manvi tells Malhar that Kavya loves Ravi alot but she can’t kill anyone. Kinjal intervenes and says that everything is fair in love and war and people can even kill in love. Malhar thinks of destroying the Randhawas and he has come here to do this only. 

Manvi asks Deep to ask Malhar not to arrest Kavya. Malhar says that Pratiksha asks Malhar to speak to her only and not include the family members here. Kavya intervenes and starts arguing about family and stuff. Pratiksha remembers the day how they insulted her. Pratiksha instigates Kavya and says that tonight would be her and Ravi’s suhaag raat.  Kavya tries to push Pratiksha but Ravi intervenes. Kavya asks Malhar to do something. Kavya pulls Pratiksha and asks her to leave Ravi. Ravi shouts and asks Kavya to stop this madness and control herself. Kavya says that she will kill Pratiksha. Ravi says that Kavya did a very wrong thing. 

Kavya asks Ravi not to forget that whatever is happening in this house is due to Pratiksha. She acts like a lunatic and says that she is not guilty of anything that she did. She will surely come back and kick out Pratiksha from her life. She will make Ravi her own. Ravi asks her to calm down while Malhar asks her constables to put handcuffs on and then they take her away. Before leaving, Manvi asks Kavya not to be afraid since she will call Gulshan right now and ask him to get her out. Manvi calls Gulshan and tells that Kavya has been arrested. Kavya is put behind the bars when she asks Malhar to not do this and stop it. 

Recap : Kavya comes back with Gulshan and Manvi. 

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