Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak 27th February 2024 Written Update: Shaina’s conspiracy disrupts the Brahman Bhoj


Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak 27th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Damayanthi giving Prashad to Purnima as today is her father’s birthday. Gururaj comments on Raj being a henpecked husband as he allowed Chirag to get out of jail on the word of Purnima. Raj defends Purnima.

Brahmans come to Raghuvanshi’s house. Gururaj greets them and asks Sumitra if she called the Brahmans. Sumitra says no. Gururaj invites the Brahmans into the house. Purnima says to Gururaj that she invited the Brahmans as today is their grandfather’s birthday. Gururaj scolds Purnima for arranging Brahman Bhoj without telling him. Raj defends Purnima. Purnima apologises and pleads Gururaj to allow for her to arrange Brahman Bhoj today. Gururaj stays silent.

Brahmans see that there is non veg in the Brahman Bhoj. Brahmans get upset seeing this and feel insulted. Brahmans blame Gururaj for humiliating them. Purnima comes forth and says she is the one who made the food and asks the Brahmans not to blame Gururaj. Brahmans comments on Purnima’s Vansh. Raj asks Brahmans not to speak ill about Purnima’s Vansh if she made a mistake.

Brahmans comments on the Raghuvanshi family and leaves from there. Gururaj says to Raj that this is the first time that Brahmans went out of this house without eating food. Gururaj blames Purnima and comments on Purnima’s famiky. Raj asks Gururaj to stop sparkling ill of other people family to make his family great. Gururaj hearing this raises his hand at Raj. Gururaj regrets giving birth to Raj. Purnima falls at Gururaj’s feet and begs Gururaj not to blame Raj for her mistake. Gururaj doesn’t talk to Raj and leaves from there.

Raj comforts Purnima. Purnima looks at Shaina and says this is someone’s conspiracy. Purnima thinks of how to mend Raj and Gururaj’s relationship. Purnima looks at Bholenath and gets an idea.

Purnima brings a snake and the snake goes to Gururaj. Raj rescues Gururaj and the snake bites Raj instead of Gururaj. Gururaj asks Sumitra to call the doctor. Purnima says there is no need as that snake is not poisonous and she brought the snake. Sumitra asks Purnima why did she do that. Purnima shows Raj and Gururaj caring for each other and says she wanted to show how much Raj loves Gururaj as he hasn’t thought one bit before saving Gururaj.

Purnima pleads Gururaj to forgive Raj. Gururaj asks Sumitra to apply medicine to Raj. Sumitra asks Purnima to do it.

Purnima applies lep to Raj. She blames herself for his pain. Raj says he wants to thank her as she cleared the issue between him and his father. He says he wants to know who is behind the conspiracy. Purnima says she knows one way.

They go and search and find a receipt for the chicken ordered by Shaina. Raj decides to go to the hotel and find out who ordered the chicken. Shaina overhears their conversation.

Shaina decides to do something before Raj comes home.

Shaina buys acid from somone and mixes it in the water wash tub.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Shaina spills grease in the floor so Purnima will slip.