Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Shaina tricks Poonam


Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak 2nd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj while drinking alcohol says to himself that Poonam is not Purnima. Raj struggles with himself and says to himself that Poonam is Purnima. Poonam witnesses all of this.

Raj sees Poonam and comments on her. Raj says to Poonam how much he is troubled with seeing her face. Raj says he couldn’t even sleep nowadays. Raj asks Poonam to tell him who is she. Poonam says she is Poonam. Raj asks Poonam to leave from here. Poonam agrees and leaves from there.

Poonam thinks why no in the house talks about Purnima when she is so deeply affecting Raj. She sees the marriage picture of Shaina and Raj and thinks about her dream of marriage and tries to correlate both. She goes to pick up her sister from station. Poonam is about to see Purnima’s mother but misses to see her. Nirvan tells his family members that Purnima and Poonam are same but Raj denies to believe so. Poonam shows her Purnima and Raj’s picture to Naitara and gets shocked seeing same face as hers.

Nirvan compliments Poonam’s cooking and recalls kheer made by her in previous birth. He asks Poonam if she is good at maths and she says she has been state topper in maths. She thinks it’s time for Kuhu’s School so she should take food for her but gets disheartened seeing Shaina already packing Kuhu’s lunch for her. Shaina thinks she will make such condition that Raj will himself make Poonam leave the house. Poonam shows Raj old photo of Raj and Purnima and questions if she is same Purnima because of whom he keeps shouting at her.

Poonam keeps questioning Raj about Purnima and why no one at home talks about her. She says her face is similar to Purnima so their must be some connection between them. Raj angrily scolds her and says that she should stop linking everything and there is no connection between them and nothing is similar between her and Purnima. Basil Leaves from lord Shiva fly to Poonam shocking Raj who is drawn to flashback of same way leaves flew to Purnima in the past. Raj thinks this is not possible and leaves from there.

Poonam thinks Raj has deep seated pain which she wants to help him. She thinks that Poonam might have cheated Raj because of which seeing her face he gets angered. Naitara questions Poonam why she is helping Raj when he himself doesn’t want the help. Poonam tells she feels Lord Shiva has given her the sign to do so. Naitara says that if there is some other reason behind it. Shaina comes there and tells Poonam that she is going to temple and will go to NGO to donate old clothes on the way so she asks Poonam to get Kuhu changed when she returns from school and also serve food to Raj’s parents.

While leaving, Shaina intentionally drops address of Purnima’s house beside Poonam. Poonam tells Geetu that she feels Shaina tells something but does something else and says she hopes Shaina does as she is saying. Poonam picks up the envelope dropped there and thinks she got the address of Purnima’s house and this must be a sign of Lord Shiva. She decides to find Purnima to help Raj. The episode ends.

Precap – Poonam will reach the address and Shaina will act as Purnima and get her trapped in life threatening situation.