Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story: Chahat saves Saraswati’s child’s life

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Neel feels scared that Chahat should not die and praya to God for keeping her safe. He decides to bring her out if she doesn’t tell him anything in a minute. He feels guilty and cries thinking that he didn’t use to be like this. He gets a call from mama ji and he informs him that Saraswati’s kid has fallen ill. Neel gets shocked and is confused what he should do. He then remembers that Chahat is a doctor and digs to get her out. He opens the coffin and funds Chahat unconscious. He tries to wake her up and says that he needs her for saving the baby.

He lifts her and takes her home quickly. At home, everyone wonders what happened to the baby. Neel beings Chahat and asks her to examine the baby. She goes to check her up and says that the baby might have been poisoned and this shocks others. She brings salt water and gives it to baby so that she vomits and the poison comes out. Naveli gets restless and scared, the baby starts crying after a while. Chahat tells everyone that the poison has come out and baby is fine now which gives a sigh of relief to others except a few.

Neel then questions how did the milk get poisoned but Naveli cooks some silly story and leaves. Vyas ji then questions that how does Chahat have knowledge of all this. She tells them that she learnt it by seeing her dad treat people and says that her dad is a doctor. Mama ji asks where is his clinic but Neel tells some lie that he has nursing home in Delhi. Vyas ji says that her dad deserves a thanking from them and asks her to make him speak with her dad right away. Neel says that this won’t be possible as there is some problem going on between her and her dad.

Mama ji brings Prasad and Vyas ji says that Chahat deserves to get it first so mama ji calls her. Chahat is about to put forward her left hand but Neel grabs it and asks her to put her right hand. Mami ji sees Neel holding her hand and Chahat’s attempt to free it. Aalekh thanks Chahat for saving his child and offers her Bangles of Saraswati but Neel interrupts saying this is not needed. He says that no one can takes Saraswati’s place in the house and requests him not never compare Chahat with her.

Later, mami, Naveli and Aalekh discuss about their failed plan of poisoning the baby. Mami tells them that there is something wrong in Neel and Chahat’s relationship as she saw him twisting her hand. She suggests to keep a close eye on Chahat to know what is cooking between them. At night, Chahat sits with a plate of spices and remembers a moment with her dad when he cooked for her, keeping in mind that she hates spicy food. She eats the spices thinking that she is misusing Vyas ji’s trust.

Neel notices her sitting alone and crying and asks her, while mami sneaks to keep an eye on her. Neel then gives her money which makes her feel insulted and asks him to distribute it among the poor instead. But he asks her to buy a coffin for her dad but she says that his hatred can’t overpower her love. They get into a small fight and Neel holds her cheeks hardly when he notices Mami watching them. He tells Chahat about it and they act normally.

They both act to kiss behind the clothes in which their Shadow is visible and Mami sees them. She asks them to come out. They come out and act in front of her that they immensely love each other. Chahat then goes with Mami to the kitchen. They both thinks about the closeness they had for a moment. The episode ends.

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