Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th February 2024 Written Update: Gazal and Haider falls into the river


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The episode starts with Dua noticing her babies are missing. She alerts Haider and her family members about it. They are shocked to hear it. Gazal abducts the babies. Dua pleads with Haider to stop Gazal asap. She doesn’t know what will she do with our baby. Gazal calls Haider. He scolds her for abducted his babies. Gazal says that she is going to the place where their story begun. Where he promised to marry her. He may be happy to see Ibadat and Mannat. She says congratulations to him. Haider shouts on her. She disconnects the call. She says that it’s just a beginning. Dua worries about her babies. Haider assures her that nothing will happen to their babies. He knew well about her whereabouts. Dua is adamant to accompany him. Kaynaat gives Subhan to Hameeda. She asks her to take care of him. Hameeda says that it’s dangerous to go there. She says that Gazal is more dangerous person. Meanwhile, Haider stops Gazal. He asks her why she is playing with infants life. Gazal says that she isn’t hating these babies.

Gazal says to him that they played with her life. They wanted to see her death. But he is expecting her to save this babies. She can’t see Dua is in happiness. She wanted to give happiness to Haider by giving a birth to a baby. They killed her mom. They ruined everything in her life. Though she loved Haider a lot. Her hands are empty. Gazal says that she will take these babies to the place where they are not able to return. Dua says that she will remove all the problems from her life. She asks her to leave those babies. She assured her to fulfill her condition. Gazal asks Dua if she can give her husband to her? Dua stays silent. Haider agrees to her condition. He will give her rights to her. Gazal asks him if he really accept her? Will she get a place in his house. Haider nodded to her. Gazal starts laughing there. She says that she is loving him a lot but she isn’t a fool. She is aware that he can’t love anyone then Dua. She won’t fall for his words. She will free the babies if he listened to her condition. Dua has to end her life. Till Dua is alive she won’t get Haider in his life.

Haider asks her to stop suggesting such condition. He is ready to fulfill any other condition to her. Gazal is adamant in her decision. Dua has to sacrifice her life. Gazal says that she is demanding Dua’s life to save these babies life. Won’t she save her babies. Dua agrees to her condition. She is ready to die for her babies. Gazal is happy to hear it. Haider stops her. He scolds her for took such decisions. Dua asks him not to stop her. He shouldn’t question her mother love. She has to save her babies. If she died at least her babies will be alive. Ruhan asks her not to take such decisions. Dua says that she has to sacrifice her life to save her babies. Haider asks her not to take a foolish decision. Dua express her gratitude to him. She doesn’t need anything else. She asks him to share with him family that she loves them a lot. Haider asks Dua if she has any guarantee that Gazal will leave their babies after she died. She shouldn’t take such decisions. He asks her to come back to her sense. Dua is adamant on her decision. Dua is about to jump. Ruhan takes one baby from Gazal’s hand. He says to Dua that Mannat is in his hand. Haider saves Dua.

Dua holds Mannat and kisses on her head. Gazal says that she saved one baby. She shouldn’t forget that another one baby is in her hand. Dua says that it’s her baby. At least leave her. Gazal says that she gave birth to this baby but she isn’t hers. She won’t allow her to live with her baby. She snatched everything from her hand. She won’t allow her to snatch her baby. Haider assures Gazal that he is ready to accept her. He stops Gazal. He asks her to believe him. He is ready to leave everything for this baby. He wanted to start their life from here again. He needs one more chance. Gazal says that she can see love for her first time in his eyes. Gazal says that he will change seeing Dua. Haider promised her. It’s their baby let’s raise her together. She asks him if he saying the truth. He promised to her. He hugs her. He takes the baby in his hand. Gazal is about to caresses that baby head. He stops her. Haider shows his hate to her. Gazal says that he betrayed her. She will take her life. He allows her. He asks her to die. Gazal pulls Haider along with her. Dua holds Haider’s hand. Haider says to Dua that he can’t take her along with him. He asks her to promise him that she will take care of their babies. Haider leaves her hand. He falls into the river along with Gazal.

Episode end