Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st March 2023 Written Update: Ruhan misunderstands Haider


Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Dua fails to spot Gazal. She leaves the room. Gazal comes out. Dua thinks that she must talk to Haider. Ruhan also tries to approach Haider. Dua talks to Haider. Ruhan spots Gazal’s dupatta. Gazal comes out of Dua’s room through the window. Dua takes Haider to their room. Ruhan follows them. Gazal sees that Ruhan is looking at Dua and Haider. She thinks that Ruhan is believing it’s Gazal who is inside the room with Haider and becomes happy. Dua goes to turn. Gazal gets scared. Haider stops Dua holding her hands and asks her what she wants to say. Dua cries and hugs Haider.

Haider says that he can’t see tears in Dua’s eyes. Haider asks Dua the matter. Dua says that they have to stop the wedding. Haider asks Dua what is she saying as all the preparations are done. Ruhan believes that Gazal is with Haider. He feels that Haider doesn’t have any shame. He gears up to confront Haider. Gazal gets fearful and wonders how to stop Ruhan. She goes to Hina and asks her to send Ruhan to get ready for the mehendi ceremony. Haider tells Dua that he doesn’t want any dramma.

Dua says that she can’t let the marriage happen. She says that she will make Ruhan understand and make him back out from the marriage. Haider asks Dua to not create any more scenes. Ruhan is about to approach Haider. Hina stops him and asks him to go and get ready for the mehendi ceremony. Dua says that she doesn’t care. Hina takes Ruhan away. Haider asks Dua to not talk to Ruhan regarding the matter. Hina tells Ruhaan that Gazal is not seen in the venue and says that she will go and call her. Ruhan thinks that Gazal is in the arms of Haider. Gazal says that soon Haider will become her groom.

Hina scolds Gazal for going missing again and again. She asks Gazal to accompany her for the mehendi ceremony. Gulnaaz gets scared seeing Gazal’s happiness and Ruhan’s disappointment. She thinks that Gazal has already started her evil game. She wishes to alert Dua to save Ruhan from the wrong marriage. Dua says if the marriage is not stopped Ruhan’s life will be destroyed. She asks him to accompany her and stop the marriage. Haider asks Dua why she agreed for the marriage earlier. Dua says that she lied earlier to expose Gazal infront of everyone.

Dua informs Haider that Gazal doesn’t want to marry Ruhan but Haider. Haider is in disbelief. Guests praise Gazal’s beauty. Gazal thinks that it was the last wish of her dead father to see Gazal becoming Haider’s bride and today his wish will be fulfilled. Dua further tells Haider that Gazal never loved Ruhan. She wants to obtain Haider using Ruhan. Haider is Gazal’s mission and love says Dua. Haider says that Dua is not telling the truth and asks her to stop. Dua says that Gazal started loving Haider since he saved her. She even tried to confess her love for him. Haider recalls the past. The episode ends.

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