Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th February 2023 Written Update: Gazal’s clever masterstroke


Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Haider tells Gazal that none wants to know anything. Dadi asks her to just leave. Gazal requests Haider to give her some time. Haider asks her to shut up and says only low people can do these things. Gazal asks Dua and Ruhaan if they also don’t want to know the truth. She asks Ruhaan to stop and look into her eyes. Gazal tells Ruhaan that she did everything for him as she loves him. Everyone gets shocked. Gazal says I love you Ruhaan. She tells Ruhaan that Akhtar family can kick her out of their house but they can’t kick him out of her heart. She asks Ruhaan to confirm from Dua as she told her about her feelings.

Ruhan looks at Dua being shocked. Dua says that Gazal is lying she never told her anything about Ruhaan. She asks Gazal to stop lying. She tells Ruhaan that she is playing with his emotions. Gazal asks dua to not insult her love as her love is pure for Ruhaan. Dadi asks Gazal why she didn’t inform Hina about her feelings. Dua and Hina ask Gazal to answer Dadi’s question. Haider and Dadi ask her to speak up. Dua says that Gazal is doing drama only. Gazal says that she didn’t tell because she didn’t want anyone to say that she is trying to take any advantage.

Gazal says that she has no comparison with Ruhaan as their social status is completely different from each other. She adds that poor people don’t have right to love. She didn’t want people to misjudge and badmouth her. She says that she has pure love for Ruhaan that is why she falsely accused Altaf to avoid the wedding. She says that she could not love Altaf after their marriage as she loves Ruhaan only. She says that she saved three lives from getting spoiled. Dua asks Gazal to stop lying and leave their house.

Gazal says that she won’t forgive Dua for not informing Ruhaan about her feelings. Haider says that nothing can justify what she did with Altaf. Gazal admits that she did wrong with Altaf but it was Dua who forced her to do so. She says that she requested Dua to stop the marriage but Dua didn’t listen to her as she wanted to kick Gazal out of Akhtar house at any cost. Dua asks Gazal to stop it. Gazal says that it’s was her fault that she felt in love with Ruhaan and other members of Akhtar family. She sarcastically thanks Dua for showing her place.

Gulnaaz fumes in anger thinking that Gazal is trying to take advantage of Ruhaan. Gazal says that she can’t see hatred for her in their eyes. She gears up to leave with her luggage. Dua tells Dadi that Gazal will not leave easily. Gulnaaz wishes that Gazal leaves soon. Dua says that she is trying to take advantage of Ruhaan’s love. Ruhaan stops Gazal and expresses his love for her. Flashback shows that Gazal heard Dua and Ruhaan’s conversation when he expressed his feelings to Dua. The episode ends.

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