Rajjo 1st November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo grows suspicious


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The episode starts with Urvashi saying to Madhu that she saw Arjun going behind Rajjo. She says that Rajjo is winning again, she is snatching Arjun from her again. She asks Madhu to do something. Madhu phones Rajjo and asks her to return home right away. Rajjo sends a voice note to Kaka saying that she will deposit money by the evening. Arjun follows Rajjo and is surprised to see Rajjo returning home after making a long route. 

Madhu says that she dropped some powder box and asks Rajjo to clean the whole floor. Madhu and Urvashi leave. Urvashi thanks Madhu for calling back Rajjo. Madhu thanks Urvashi for informing her in time that Rajjo is trying to trap Arjun again. Madhu and Urvashi decide to keep an eye on Rajjo and keep Arjun away from her. They leave. Arjun returns home. He goes to find Rajjo. He sees Rajjo cleaning the floor. He enters the room. His foot slips due to the powder on the floor. He holds Rajjo’s shoulder to balance. Arjun sneezes. Rajjo hods his nose to stop his sneezing. Arjun questions Rajjo about taking money from those men.

Arjun says that he thought that she couldn’t be selfish and greedy after saving him by jumping into the fire without expecting money in return. He thought he was maybe wrong about her, but he is confused after seeing her taking money from those men. He asks why she is taking money from every man she meets and asks why she needs a lot of money. He requests Rajjo to clear everything without hiding anything. He demands Rajjo to tell him the truth, as this confusion makes him feel sick. Rajjo says that she needs money daily to pay the hospital charges as her mom is in a coma.

Arjun is shocked to hear this. Rajjo says that her mom met with an accident. She says that she encashed his cheque to pay for her mom’s surgery and she tried to tell him the same, but he urged her to leave the house. Arjun remembers the same. Rajjo says that in the morning she was going out to meet her mom in the hospital, but she returned home halfway, as Madhu phoned her and asked her to come home right away. She says that Nangu kaka is with her mom. She asks Arjun to go to the hospital and see if he doesn’t believe her. Arjun stands shocked after learning the truth. Ishq di baajiyaan plays in the BG. Rajjo says to Arjun she never hid anything from him, but sometimes and sometimes circumstances made her keep it away from him. She wipes her tears and continues to clean the floor. 

Urvashi gives a suitcase which contains the gold kalash that she stole when the fire accident happened to the moneylenders to repay the loan. They leave. Here, Arjun misunderstands that Rajjo works as a call girl due to the completion. He asks her not to do that work anymore. Rajjo defends her job. They argue. Arjun realizes that he had a misconception when Rajjo mentions that she is distributing newspapers. He realizes that he is maybe wrong about Rajjo. He thinks that Rajjo can’t be greedy, else she wouldn’t work hard to earn money. Rajjo thanks God for Arjun listening to her truth. She hopes that one day Arjun will understand Urvashi’s truth too. Rocky gives his clothes to Rajjo to wash. Rajjo sees the lipstick mark on the shirt and gets suspicious.

Rocky gets nervous noticing this. Kalindi and Chirag come from the other side. Kalindi also notices this. Rocky and Kalindi decide to keep Rajjo busy in Urvashi so that she doesn’t find out about their affair. Arjun sees Rajjo and wonders if he wasn’t wrong. He wonders whether Rajjo and her words are true. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Urvashi’s fake uncles get ready to leave. Arjun wants to put their suitcase in the car. They refuse. Rajjo grows suspicious. She uses the dog to scare them. They drop the suitcase. Arjun picks it up. The Thakurs are shocked to find the gold kalash inside the suitcase. 

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