Rajjo Upcoming Story: Arjun to grow suspicious of Vicky!


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Star Plus’ daily soap Rajjo is gearing up for more drama with Manorama fixing Rajjo’s wedding with Vicky. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Pushkar arrives to take Rajjo and Manorama back to their village, but Rajjo shocks him by expressing her desire to work in Lucknow and to become independent. She seeks his favor to find her and her mother a job in Lucknow.

Manorama tries to stop Rajjo from asking help from Pushkar, but Rajjo is adamant. Pushkar tries to break Rajjo’s determination by taunting that she is illiterate and she won’t be able to tolerate the extreme heat in factories.

Rajjo shuts his mouth by mentioning her skin is as thick as Pushkar’s. Arjun agrees to help Rajjo and asks her to recover first. Later, Manorama scolds Rajjo for disobeying. Rajjo complaints about Manorama hiding the truth about her past from her.

Rajjo is elated when Arjun gets a job for Rajjo and her mom at his friend’s house. Just then, Manorama declines Arjun’s offer and calls in Nanku and Vicky. She declares Rajjo’s wedding with Vicky.

Arjun is shocked to hear this. While Rajjo argues with Manorama and refuses to marry Vicky, Arjun grows suspicious of Vicky. He doubts that Vicky is hiding something.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Rajjo will tell Madhu that she will pray for her family, especially for Arjun, all her life.  Kalindi will mock Rajjo by saying that she should be sent off like a bride.

Rajjo will start walking with Manorama towards the entrance. Rajjo will stop after crossing the entrance and will turn around to look at Arjun with tearful eyes. Arjun will run towards Rajjo. Madhu will shut the door in Rajjo’s face. She will then glare at Arjun. 

Is this Arjun and Rajjo’s last meeting? Will Arjun and Rajjo meet again? 

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