Rajjo Upcoming Story: Rajjo questions Kalindi


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Star Plus’ daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama with Rajjo foiling Urvashi’s plan to steal Arjun’s money from the bank. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Kalindi informs Rajjo about Urvashi planning to break his FD without Arjun’s knowledge and asks her to prevent Urvashi as she is in some trouble, so she can’t go.

Rajjo is in a dilemma about whether to go to participate in the race competition to win money for her mom’s treatment or to save Arjun’s money.

However, she decides to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Urvashi meets Arjun, who is semi-conscious. The latter mistakes Urvashi for Rajjo and expresses that he only sees her everywhere.He keeps calling out to Rajjo.

Urvashi fumes in a rage at hearing this. Urvashi gets Arjun’s thumbs impression on the paper as he isn’t in the condition to sign it. Rajjo arrives there and snatches the paper from Urvashi after a fight.

Urvashi learns that Kalindi told Rajjo about her plan. She threatens Kalindi to tell Chirag about her love affair with Rocky. Later, Rajjo overhears the doctor and the Thakurs talk and learns that Arjun’s medicine box was tampered.

She remembers collecting the box from outside Kalindi’s room and finding melted ice cubes in her room. Rajjo questions Kalindi about the same. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Rajjo will follow Urvashi. Suddenly, a vehicle will cross in front of Rajjo and Urvashi. After the vehicle moves away, Rajjo will be shocked to see that Urvashi has disappeared. She will wonder where Urvashi is gone.

Urvashi’s parents will come to Arjun, who has recovered, and will say that Urvashi is missing and Rajjo is the person who saw her last. Arjun will ask Rajjo where Urvashi is.

Later, Arjun will decide to go to find Urvashi. Rajjo will stop Arjun. Arjun will say that Rajjo should help him to find Urvashi, since she saw her last. Arjun will hold her hand and will take her with him. 

Will Rajjo find out Kalindi is responsible for Arjun’s condition?

How will Rajjo react after knowing this? 

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