Rajjo Upcoming Story: Will Arjun confess his love for Rajjo?


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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama, with Rajjo exposing Guruma.

In the current story, it’s seen that Rajjo and Chirag get caught by Guruma. Rajjo manages to escape while Chirag is held by Guruma’s guards. The guards chase Rajjo. Chirag manages to escape from the guards and run too. Rajjo reaches outside Thakurs’ house.

Guruma catches Rajjo and breaks her phone. Chirag reaches there with the police and gets her arrested. Chirag reveals that Guruma broke a toy phone of his daughter while he has the original phone which they exchanged when they were running. Meanwhile, Thakurs try to stop Arjun from leaving.

They beg him and urge him to tell them the reason for his decision. Arjun refuses to tell and stays firm in leaving. They all go out of the house and are shocked to see Rajjo and Chirag in disguise with Guruma and the police.

Later, Rajjo shows the video recording of Guruma in which she confesses her deeds in front of the family and exposes her.

In the upcoming story, it will be seen that, to Rajjo’s shock, Manorama will say to her that she shouldn’t stay there anymore. She will add that Arjun’s need is fulfilled now, so he doesn’t need her anymore. She will begin to walk towards the entrance by grabbing Rajjo’s hand.

But Rajjo will free her hand and will go to Arjun. She will look straight into Arjun’s eyes and will ask if she doesn’t have feelings for her.

She will say that no one will interfere in this and will ask Arjun to decide the future of their relationship. She will ask him whether he wants to stop her from leaving or to lose her forever.

What will happen next? What will Arjun decide?

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