Rishton Ka Manjha 15th September 2021 Written Update: Arjun gives suggestions to Diya


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The episode starts with Arjun telling Diya to come downstairs within ten minutes else he will make noise and her family will wake up. Diya gers irked. He says he has something urgent to talk about. Arjun is about to go down but he loses his balance. Diya holds his hand and saves him from falling. Karan hires a man to keep eyes on Arjun and Diya as Arjun will make Diya win at any cost. He also wants information regarding Radu. Karan recalls Arjun’s words and fumes. He says he won’t allow Arjun to enter badminton world again. Diya meets Arjun and the latter asks her why she doesn’t want to play badminton. Why she is losing hope just because of marriage. Diya says sometimes we should compromise. She reveals Mohan tried to commit suicide thus she has no other choice. Arjun says if she can’t change the situation then she should change her approach and talk to her fiance about her passion. She should not quit badminton. Diya thinks Arjun is right, if Ajit allows her to play badminton she can help Mohan.

Mohan wakes up from sleep and gets upset recalling his rude behaviour with Diya. He regrets giving poison to her. He says he is just worried for her future and he loves her alot. Meera gives Diya’s prize money to Mohan. Mohan gets impressed and says sometimes Diya talks maturely.

Arjun finds out Diya and his marriage date is same. Diya gets surprised learning that Arjun is also getting married. Arjun leaves saying till then they will find a solution. Mohan says before going to sleep he wants to see Diya once. He goes to her room and assumes she is sleeping. He apologises to her for mixing poison in her food. He says he was really broken while doing that. He says after Diya’s marriage everything will be fine. Diya waits outside the room and gets shocked seeing Mohan. She hides and says she will do job after marriage to help her father. Arjun thinks Diya’s fiance won’t allow her to play badminton but he wants her to start practicing as soon as possible.

Ajit is threatening one poor couple and his men vandalise their house. Ajit pushes the old lady and Arjun was passing by. He hears the noise and saves the lady from falling. Diya wakes Meera up and takes her aside. Diya says she has a plan, she can talk to Ajit regarding badminton and job. If Ajit allows her she can pursue her dreams. Meera tells her to concentrate on marriage first. Ajit and Arjun get into a fight. Arjun tells him to leave the place with his men. Arjun beats all of them and they run away. The poor couple thank him for saving their house. He gives them some money and gets blessings from them. Diya thinks Ajit looked like a supportive person. She calls him.

Episode ends

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