Rishton Ka Manjha 24th September 2021 Written Update: Tina gives outfit to Diya

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The episode starts with Diya recalling what Arjun said to her. FB is shown where Arjun says he knows his family doesn’t want him to play badminton but after seeing Diya’s passion he got motivated and decided to go back to that world. He adds his family won’t understand that his happiness is connected to badminton only. They think it gave him pain. Diya prays to Bajrangi for Arjun. She says what kind of family is this who doesn’t understand their son’s happiness.

Madhuri praises Kush for beautiful invitation card selection. She says Kush is really creative at these things. Arjun praises the design and says everything is okay but the design is not upto the mark compare to Amitabh’s status. They should add gold or silver lines in the card. Amitabh says sure that will happen. Arjun says he likes silver and gold in medals only so Amitabh should save his money. Mr Singhal comes with lots of gifts. He says they are making marriage preparations very well. Mr Singhal tells Arjun to select a sports car for him and Tina. Arjun says he should invest the money behind needy people. He will get blessings. Mr Singhal says Tina went to invite Diya for marriage functions. Arjun and his family get shocked to hear that.

Meera and Sobha sees sarees for Diya. Rama gets irked seeing the expensive necklace. She says what’s the need of spending so much money. She covers up the matter saying Diya is already pretty, thus she will look pretty in simple look too. Tina enters and asks for Diya. Diya comes and Tina gives her sangeet outfit to attend the function. Diya says she doesn’t want to go out before her wedding. Arjun calls Diya and tells her to not speak anything. He instructs her to not say no to Tina. As before match they have the only chance to meet each other. So Diya won’t refuse to come. Mohan gives permission to Diya saying Arjun’s family should not hold any grudge against Diya thus he is permitting her. Diya feels bit weird. Tina thinks she will show real place to Diya in the theme party.

Madhuri gets worried and says she doesn’t want Diya to come close to Arjun before marriage. But why Tina invited her. Niharika informs her that Tina only gave outfit to Diya. They should know what is going on between Arjun and Diya. Madhuri says she doesn’t want to see Diya in her house. Deepika supports her. But Niharika tells them to chill.

Arjun comes downstairs and sees Amitabh and his brothers are sitting. He thinks how will he go out to buy stuffs for Diya, they will question him. He goes to his room and climbs down the pipe to go outside. He gets hurt. Diya gets scared and she prays to Bajrangi so that nothing goes wrong.

Episode ends

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