Rishton ka Manjha Upcoming Story: Meera to question Diya?


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ZeeTV new show Rishton Ka Manjha starrer Krushal Ahuja and Aanchal Goswami has come up with a fresh concept which basically focuses on a Bengali girl who loves to play badminton and thus she wants to follow her passion. Arjun who is also a famous badminton champion who got banned and now is frustrated with his life and his hatred towards Karan Mathur is also limitless. How Diya and Arjun’s paths will come across and how will they find the connection between them, will Diya help Arjun come out of depression? it will be interesting to watch.

Previously its shown how
Diya decided to meet him with Sobha’s help. Both of them went to Arjun’s house in disguise of journalists. Arjun saved Diya on time from getting caught. Tina gifted a new phone to Arjun and forced him to practice dance for their sangeet. Arjun spent a good time with his family where Madhuri and Amitabh also performed. Niharika forced Kush to dance but he denied. Karan’s surprise visit surprised Arjun’s family and he indirectly taunted Arjun by gifting him a small badminton racket.

Karan told him to focus on Tina instead of playing badminton. There Diya observed Riya’s game strategies as per Arjun’s instructions. Later Arjun told Karan that they will meet on 4th October for sure and he will give Karan his return gift very soon. Diya learned that Ajit fought with someone on the same day Arjun got beaten by goons. She will get suspicious.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see that Meera will question Diya why she didn’t buy anything if she went out for shopping. Diya will get nervous.

Will Meera scold Diya?

How will Diya meet Arjun now?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in Rishton Ka Manjha stay tuned to this space and keep watching the show.